Resolutions passed by the CPB Board of Directors

Resolutions filed under Education

March 2008

Approval of the Education and New Media Committee Charters

March 12, 2008
Filed under Committee, Education, New Media

July 2006

Authorization to Enter Into Agreements With Education Development Center and PBS

July 18, 2006
Filed under Authorization, Education, PBS

March 2006

Ready To Learn Research Agreements

March 13, 2006
Filed under Authorization, Education

November 2004

Children's Programming

November 16, 2004
Filed under Children's Programming, Education, Public Television

August 2004

Institute of Museum and Library Services

August 26, 2004
Filed under Education

September 2000

Learning Portal Project

September 12, 2000
Filed under Education

November 1998

Annenberg/CPB Channel Funding

November 17, 1998
Filed under Annenberg, Education

September 1995

FY 1996 Ready To Learn Initiative Funding

September 19, 1995
Filed under Education, Mission and Goals Fund

September 1994

FY 1995 Operating Budget Amendment

September 27, 1994
Filed under Budget, Education

July 1993

CPB Education Mission and Goals

July 20, 1993
Filed under Education, Mission Statements and CPB Standards

March 1992

FY 1992 Operating Budget and Learning Link

March 24, 1992
Filed under Budget, Education, Mission and Goals Fund

January 1991

Opposition to the Commercialization of Children's Programming

January 23, 1991
Filed under Authorization, Children's Programming, Education

March 1990

Support for Higher Education Initiatives

March 19, 1990
Filed under Annenberg, Authorization, Education

May 1988

CPB's Role in Support of Education

May 17, 1988
Filed under Education, Public Television

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