Resolutions passed by the CPB Board of Directors

Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
May 24, 1993

Appreciation for Bruce L. Christensen



That the Board of Directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting expresses its appreciation to

Bruce L. Christensen

President and CEO of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), 1984-1993

for his career commitment to public telecommunications; for his strong leadership, fairness, and foresight; for his dedication to education and for refocusing the public television industry on serving America's educational needs through telecommunications; for reorganizing PBS's program-funding structure; for his defense of the integrity of the public television system and its high quality programming; for his strong advocacy of public television before Congress and in other national and international venues; for his vision to position PBS to provide service in the multichannel environment of the next century; for his leadership in replacing and upgrading the public television satellite interconnection system; for his establishment of the PBS Business Channel, the Adult Learning Satellite Service, PBS Home Video, PBS Enterprises, PBS Datacast, and the newest venture, Horizons TV; for his representation of public television on the FCC's Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Services; for his earlier years of service to public telecommunications, including his tenure as president of the National Association of Public Television Stations, membership on the PBS Board, and service on the Congressional Temporary Commission on Alternative Financing for Public Telecommunications; and especially for his support for CPB over the years.

The Board extends its sincere thanks to Mr. Christensen for his years of service on behalf of public telecommunications, and wishes him well in his future endeavors.

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