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Digital, Diversity, and Dialogue are the framework for public media's service to America.

Since the birth of educational radio in the 1920s, people throughout the country have started up public broadcasting services in their own communities to champion the principles of diversity and excellence of programming, responsiveness to local communities, and service to all. Upon creation of CPB more than 40 years ago, these local public radio and television stations were joined by public broadcasting’s national organizations and many other entities supporting their efforts to promote those goals.

Public media has provided invaluable content that helps Americans to grow, learn, and achieve their dreams. It has helped people in all walks of life to realize their ability to improve their own lives and contribute to the betterment of their communities.

The "Three D's"—digital, diversity, and dialogue—reflect CPB's core values of collaboration, partnership, innovation, engagement, and diversity. This strategic approach informs its program investments system-wide.

Despite the ever-changing landscape, this robust collective enterprise is now far more than just a public broadcasting system. Public media has come to include a plethora of other activities and organizations, but public broadcasters remain essential. Creating, communicating, and curating content, and engaging communities over multiple media platforms, they stand as highly trusted sources of reliable information and honest brokers of public interaction.

Great institutions—those which thrive and grow in challenging times—cannot be wedded to the status quo. They make important transitions. This is what public media has always done and continues to do.

A dynamic public media is transitioning to meet the information needs of, and connect with, a much more diverse America in ways that honor our mission. A dynamic public media is working to reach and engage with audiences, when and where they choose, with content important to their lives. A dynamic public media is partnering with entities that are bringing diverse new voices and new ideas to the table.

This is not only good for fulfilling the mission of public media; it is fueling public media's transformation and assures that public media will continue to serve the information needs of the American people—on all platforms, in all communities, and for the years to come. The American people need such an extraordinary public media system. Our democracy depends on it.

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CPB promotes the growth and development of public media in communities throughout America.

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