About Public Media: Digital, Diversity, Dialogue

Digital, Diversity, and Dialogue are the framework for public media's service to America.

The "Three D's"—digital, diversity, and dialogue—reflect CPB's core values of collaboration, partnership, innovation, engagement, and diversity. This strategic approach informs its program investments system-wide.


Public media is a leader in technological and programming innovation, most recently in the development and deployment of digital television and radio broadcasting and digital broadcasting to mobile devices. Public media has also brought innovation to online and other digital media platforms, including Web content, mobile news applications, user-generated content, and interactive educational and informational games. Now public media is developing common digital standards and platforms that will allow public radio and television entities to create, gather, share, cross-pollinate, and deliver content, making it more accessible and increasing the capability for people to use it when, where, and how they want.

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Diversity, when viewed through the lens of public media, is about understanding and appreciating one another’s uniqueness. America was built by a patchwork of nationalities; public media is a quilt of America’s many communities. Out of many, one. For the nation and public media alike, diversity is strength. It’s a bond, not a barrier; a shared commonality, not a division. Public media viewers and listeners find their own reflections—as well as the viewpoints of others—in a rich work of programs, projects, delivery platforms, ideas, and opinions.

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Dialogue builds bridges, relationships, connections of commonality and unity, as well as understanding and concern. A vibrantly interactive, multidimensional public media supports ongoing dialogue between individuals, among communities, and across the nation.

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About CPB

CPB promotes the growth and development of public media in communities throughout America.

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CPB awards grants to stations and independent producers to create programs and services.