Who operates the stations?


Universities operate most public radio stations, such as KUNM-FM, Albuquerque, licensed to the University of New Mexico. These stations usually offer distinct program schedules, since they often are not linked together into statewide or regional multi-station networks.


Nonprofit community organizations, or state government agencies operate most public television stations. State government stations are typically linked into multi-station networks that air a common program schedule statewide, such as Maryland Public Television.


Stations are full-power radio and television transmitters licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Licensees are community organizations, colleges or universities, local authorities or state governments, which hold the FCC licenses for CPB-supported stations.

Grantees are the entities to which CPB makes station grants. They may consist of single stations, or groups of co licensed stations. For television, grants are made on a licensee basis.

About CPB

CPB promotes the growth and development of public media in communities throughout America.

Programs & Projects

CPB awards grants to stations and independent producers to create programs and services.