CPB administration and other expenses   $20.5 million (4%) :: Fiscal stabilization grants to public broadcasting stations   $25.0 million (5%) :: Other system support e.g., copyright royalty payments, research,   technology development   $31.9 million (6%) :: Digital & interconnection   $55.3 million (10.5%) :: Community service grants to public broadcasting stations   $270.7 million (51.5%) :: Program services: TV, Radio, and Ready To Learn   $121.3 million (23%) :: Source: Corporation for Public Broadcasting :: General-purpose grants to public broadcasting stations and grants to producers for programs made up more than three-quarters of all funds distributed by CPB. Its overhead costs were only about 4 percent of its total spending.Funding for public television comes in roughly equal parts from government (at all levels) and the private sector. For public radio, a much greater share comes from the private sector, but government still provides about one-quarter of the total.

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