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American Archive Initiative Manager

The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to solicit proposals to be the Initiative Manager of the American Archive Pilot Program. The Initiative Manager, working in close consultation with CPB, will coordinate and support the development, execution, and evaluation of grants to public television and radio stations for the collection, coding, digitization, and possible restoration of existing content.

Analysis of Super Why! Summer Camp Data

This Request for Proposals is for a person or firm to enter and analyze pre- and post-test assessment data from approximately 1,600 preschool children who participated in 80 Super WHY! Summer Camps and provide a written analysis of the assessment findings.

Community Service Grants Business Process Analysis

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting ("CPB") is seeking an organization or individual ("Consultant") to review the business processes and workflows for the administration of Community Service Grants ("CSG"), make recommendations for process improvements, and document the business requirements.

Financial and Operations Analysis

CPB seeks, through this competitive RFP process, the services of a qualified organization or individuals to conduct a financial and operational analysis of between five and ten local public media stations on behalf of CPB during the (estimated) period of May 2012 to September 2013.

Grow the Audience: A Census of Journalists in Public Radio and Television

As one of many steps CPB is taking to build the journalistic capacity of public radio and television stations, CPB is seeking an organization or individual ("Service Provider") to undertake a count of the number of journalists currently working within public broadcasting.

Legal Services Related to Online Transmission of Sound Recordings

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks legal advice and assistance concerning online transmission of sound recordings by public media entities, as well as pending Section 114 proceedings before a Copyright Royalty Board at the United States Copyright Office. Activities will involve analysis of reported music use during an historical several-year period, advice with respect to potential future music use reporting obligations, and assistance with licensing negotiations.

Moderated Online Focus Groups and Data Analysis

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting ("CPB") is seeking proposals to conduct up to six moderated online focus groups. Each focus group will require multiple sessions. The consultant will be gathering the thoughts, opinions, knowledge and beliefs of a number of leaders throughout public media on critical issues facing public media as well as the impact, success, strengths and challenges facing specific projects funded in whole or in part by CPB.

Multi-Project Evaluation

This Request for Proposals is for person or firm to conduct evaluations of three Public Broadcasting Service ("PBS") TeacherLine courses for childcare providers and early childhood educators and three technological enhancement projects to improve and augment their outreach to young children and their caregivers. This project is time sensitive and must be completed no later than September 14, 2010.

Request for Benefit Brokerage and Consulting Services

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is interested in selecting an experienced firm specializing in benefit brokerage and consulting services, to obtain and administer health and welfare plans for our approximately 115 employees.

Research and Analysis Relating to U.S. Broadcast Spectrum Policy and Its Impact on Public Media

CPB seeks a consultant to provide expert research, analysis and advice concerning U.S. broadcast spectrum policy as CPB offers guidance to public media in shaping policies and plans related to the federal government's planned auctions, which are intended ultimately to transfer electromagnetic spectrum from television broadcasters to wireless broadband carriers.

Research Study to Measure Impact of Primetime Program Scheduling Strategy

CPB is interested in measuring the impact of the Program Challenge Fund tent pole program scheduling strategy. To that end, CPB will order and analyze available Nielsen NSI ratings data. CPB is now seeking proposals for a research study (or studies) designed to add insight beyond the Nielsen data with respect to both the tent pole program scheduling strategy as well as the awareness, attitudes, and usage of a segment of the target audience (i.e. Hispanic television viewers).

Senior Television Audience Research Analyst

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting seeks a senior audience research analyst to provide leadership and technical guidance for CPB's strategic analysis, understanding and application of television audience research.

Station Financial and Operational Analysis

CPB seeks the services of a consulting firm to provide financial, operational, and other business analyses of approximately ten to twenty local public media stations.

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