America at a Crossroads

A New Public Affairs Television Initiative

The America at a Crossroads initiative represents a major effort by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to fulfill its mandate to promote programs that inform, enlighten, and enrich the public dialogue about crucial public affairs issues and enhance the knowledge and citizenship of all Americans. This initiative focuses on the post-9/11 world and how it has affected the American imagination as well as our political, economic, cultural and social realities, our security and our relationship with other nations.


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Press Releases

January 23, 2008
Two Films from America at a Crossroads Honored

January 30, 2006
CPB Announces America at a Crossroads Production Grants; WETA to be the Presenting Station

June 27, 2005
Final Group of America at a Crossroads R&D Grants Announced

March 10, 2005
CPB Announces the Second Round of Grants for America at a Crossroads Initiative

January 21, 2005
CPB Announces First Round of Grants for America at a Crossroads

August 10, 2004
CPB's America at a Crossroads Announces Formation of Board of Advisors to Guide Initiative

March 1, 2004
CPB Launches America at a Crossroads Initiative

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