Digital Radio Conversion Fund FY08-02 Funding Cycle

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with guidance from the Digital Consultation Panel which is comprised of leadership from public radio and television membership organizations and representatives of the station community, has recommended an additional allocation of funds for the conversion of digital radio transmitters. Transmitter conversion grants are Priority I for the radio digital conversion fund.

Additionally, CPB is now extending consideration of digital technology projects that facilitate the delivery of digital content, multicasting and other advanced digital radio services (Priority II) and demonstration projects that support the digital conversion of translators and boosters (Priority III).

The aim of Priority I grants is to convert as many transmitters as possible in order for services to reach a majority of the American public. Priority II and III grant projects support digital equipment acquisitions that make possible the development and transmission of advanced digital radio streams.

To date, CPB has approved funding for the digital conversion of 697 public radio transmitters. Over 430 public radio stations have completed conversions and are now transmitting digital signals. Of those, 137 are multicasting for a total of 181 multicast streams.

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