American Archive Content Inventory Project Manager

Request for Proposals

The objective of this Request for Proposals is to solicit proposals from individuals and organizations from both the non-profit and the private sector to begin a system-wide video and audio asset inventory of Public Broadcasting. The content inventory will entail the physical inspection, viewing and classification of assets by specific categories including rights information. The goal is to inventory at least 75,000 hours of public media content through this program over the next eighteen (18) months.

The content inventory will form the basis for the launch of the American Archive. From the initial inventory, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, in close consultation with the public media system, will select an initial 40,000 hours of audio and video content to be supported for preservation and access to the general public, students and teachers and other creative content producers. The inventory will also form the basis for ongoing tools, datasets, and best practices for the establishment of the Archive.

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