Merger/Collaboration Planning Assistance Program

CPB continues to encourage stations to consider mergers and collaborations as a strategy to improve operational efficiency, develop economies of scale and secure long-term sustainability, and most importantly, as a way to strengthen stations' capacity to deliver local content and services. This program provides financial support to conduct the necessary due-diligence and to develop a merger and/or collaboration implementation plan.

CPB recognizes that stations have differing capacities and resources to begin such an assessment, and that interested licensees must first determine that it makes sound business sense to pursue potential collaboration/merger opportunities. Differing capacities notwithstanding, CPB expects licensees to make such determination using their own resources prior to seeking any financial support from CPB. This program is not intended to fund initial discussions or analyses of collaboration/merger alternatives among licensees; it is intended to assist with the formal evaluation and design of a merger and/or collaboration implementation plan.

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