Financial and Operations Analysis

Request for Proposals

CPB seeks, through this competitive RFP process, the services of a qualified organization or individuals to conduct a financial and operational analysis of between five and ten local public media stations on behalf of CPB during the (estimated) period of May 2012 to September 2013.

The stations will be identified by CPB and are those that have lost or are at risk of losing their eligibility in FY2012 to receive a grant supporting their operations from CPB, in accordance with CPB's TV Community Service Grant Policy (CSG Policy).

In September 2010, CPB updated the CSG Policy regarding the availability of automatic waivers for those stations that do not meet the minimum NFFS threshold. As a result of these revisions, several stations have lost or may lose their eligibility to receive a grant from CPB under the CSG Policy. The results of the 2010 Television Community Service Grant Policy Review address this in more depth, and also contain the updated CSG Policy.

With these recent revisions to the CSG Policy, waivers are no longer automatically awarded to public television stations that do not meet the minimum requirement for NFFS. Currently the minimum NFFS requirement is $800,000 and is calculated by averaging the grantee's NFFS for its operating fiscal years of 2009, 2010, and 2011.

As part of CPB's due diligence regarding the station's continued eligibility to receive a grant under the CSG Policy, CPB will begin a review of each at risk station's operations to assess efficiencies, quality of local service, and the feasibility of alternative service delivery models. The results of this review will inform CPB and the station on steps to be taken regarding the station's continued eligibility to receive a Community Service Grant.

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