2013 Radio Community Service Grant Program Open to New Applicants

Request for Applications

CPB Accepting Radio Station Applications until Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Successful applicants will be noncommercial public radio stations that provide significant public service programming to their communities. Stations selected to enter the Community Service Grant (CSG) program during CPB's FY2013 will need to meet all of the criteria outlined in the FY2013 Radio General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria (General Provisions). A full understanding of the General Provisions also includes full knowledge of the Certification Requirements (Certifications) for Station Grant Recipients. All stations admitted to the CSG Program will be required to demonstrate that they are fully compliant with the General Provisions and the Certifications.

The application deadline is close of business on Wednesday, January 30, 2013.

CPB distributes the majority of its funds for public broadcasting directly to Radio and Television stations through the CSG Program. CSG funds must be used by stations admitted to the program for general station operations and programming. The Radio CSG program is a grant program consisting of several levels of qualification, and each level has specific requirements that determine the amount of funding that will be awarded to the grantee. Based on the information the applicant provides in its application, CPB will determine the appropriate CSG Level. As is the case for stations already receiving CSGs, applicant stations must meet on an annual basis a variety of legal, managerial, staffing, and operational criteria as prerequisites for CSG funding.

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