Strategic Education Consulting Services

Request for Proposals

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking proposals from firms to provide strategic education consulting services to expand and advance CPB's overall education goals. Currently, CPB provides funding and support for two major strategic educational initiatives -- Ready To Learn (RTL) and American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen. The Ready To Learn initiative is a partnership among the U.S. Department of Education, CPB, PBS, local public media stations and their community-based partners. The initiative's primary goal is to improve the math and literacy skills of children aged two to eight (particularly those from low income families) through innovative, high-quality content delivered via the Internet, broadcast television, and other dynamic new technologies. American Graduate is a multi-year public media initiative designed to assist local communities in identifying and implementing solutions to the high school dropout crisis, and in developing ways to address the crisis working with key stakeholders.

In addition to these two initiatives, CPB also provides funding for the creation of children's educational content and resources on a wide range of platforms, supports the work of public media stations and national organizations, funds education related research, and capacity building efforts of public media stations in creating educational content and sustainable education services.

CPB seeks proposals from persons or firms to:

  • provide CPB with counsel, guidance and recommendations to inform CPB's education portfolio in key areas of education, including early childhood, k-12, dropout prevention & youth engagement, English Language Learning, and workforce education;
  • provide CPB with the necessary information to remain current on new trends in education and on federal and state education policies;
  • provide CPB with up-to-date information on upcoming education grant programs;
  • review the national and local education services provided by public media and make recommendations on how best to aggregate this information to highlight what works best, ways to scale work and best methods of communicating impact;
  • assist CPB with appropriate and effective messaging about public media's education initiatives;
  • attend and participate in national education meetings

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