American Archive Permanent Entity One-Time Grant Award

Grant Guidelines

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking an entity to serve as the permanent home of the "American Archive" - the acknowledged archive of public media programming in the United States. These guidelines and associated documents will inform potential applicants of the requirements to receive a one-time grant and all assets associated with the American Archive.


Public media has made significant, critical contributions to American culture and thought, and local public radio and television stations hold irreplaceable records of the American story. Since 2007, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has been investing in the "American Archive" initiative to ensure that the legacy of public television and radio is effectively managed and preserved.

The American Archive recently completed an historic, multi-year inventory of public media archives (from more than 120 locations) that has resulted in 2.5 million records. Participating local public television and radio stations have unearthed content of deep significance to their communities and to historians and scholars, and the records represent approximately one million hours of content. Of this, stations have selected approximately 40,000 hours of audio and video for preservation.

Now that CPB has established a framework for a coordinated local/national inventory and preservation effort, we are poised to conclude our incubation of the Archive and to secure an appropriate, permanent home for this important collection - one that will nurture and expand the work of the Archive going forward.

CPB is seeking applications from major library, academic, archive or media institutions that are accustomed to preserving cultural archives, capable of digitizing and sharing media assets, dedicated to supporting the mission and organizations of public media, and able to raise or generate substantial funds to sustain these efforts over many decades.

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