Local Journalism Centers

Grant Guidelines

CPB seeks to enhance the capacity of public radio and television stations to create high quality original journalism by supporting the establishment of multimedia reporting collaborations or Local Journalism Centers (LJCs) among small groups of stations. CPB is offering grants to qualified groups of three or more stations willing to form LJCs. Each LJC should have an editor and team of skilled journalists producing multimedia content on a single focused editorial topic that is of particular interest to the communities served by the stations. The collaboration should provide deep and meaningful multi-platform coverage from a diversity of perspectives that will establish the LJC as a widely recognized resource on that topic.

Proposed projects should be conducted over a minimum of 24 months which will serve as the grant period. The projects should result in models for enhancing local journalism that can be replicated by other groups of stations.

About CPB

CPB promotes the growth and development of public media in communities throughout America.

Programs & Projects

CPB awards grants to stations and independent producers to create programs and services.