FY2014 Radio Station Collaboration Program

Grant Guidelines

The Radio Station Collaboration Program ("SCP") is designed to support Community Service Grant recipients that have entered into new collaborative agreements with other CSG recipients to significantly increase public service and long term financial viability.

To that end, a larger base grant will be awarded to stations that engage in qualified collaborations and consolidations that will result in greater overall impact for public radio through:

  • Greater investments in direct audiences services, including local content creation, and more cost-effective investment in infrastructure
  • Greater capacity and more efficient scale to maximize station resources and assets
  • Effective use of technology to increase effectiveness and reduce costs
  • Increased revenue and long term sustainability

Funded stations will be engaged in one of the following collaborative activities:

  • Multi-Station Consolidations (see Part A, Section 1, below), or
  • Multi-Station Operational and/or Development Collaborations (see Part B, Section 2, below)

Recipients of SCP funding are subject to all provisions of the radio Part I, General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria, and the terms set forth in Part I are incorporated herein by reference. Applicants should consult the same when reviewing the provisions below. Increased CSG funding provided through the SCP must be expended in accordance with the General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria.

Please download the Grant Guidelines for detailed information, including application requirements.


CPB is accepting applications from radio CSG recipients who meet the qualifications outlined above and detailed in the Grant Guidelines.


Any questions should be submitted by email to carrd@cpb.org. They will be answered by CPB staff members, and shared (without applicant attribution) on CPB's website, using a Frequently Asked Questions format.

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