Greenhouse Fund

The Greenhouse Fund competitively awards grants for industry training and professional development projects for public television professionals and independent producers. The goal of the fund is to prepare public broadcasters and independent producers for entry, advancement and/or leadership by providing:

  • Forums for introducing new technologies
  • Skill building through workshops
  • Opportunities to showcase best practices
  • Mentoring programs for career professionals
  • Training that addresses novice to mastery levels of expertise
  • New strategies to increase competitiveness
  • Conferences to bring new voices and new points of view into the public television system
  • Forums to address key issues about public broadcasting that concern independent producers and system professionals

Past Greenhouse Fund projects have included CPB/PBS Producer's Academy, AFI Digital Content Lab, AFI/Discovery Silverdocs Film Festival, the INPUT 2005 conference, and sponsorship of the NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Producers) conference.

Please download the Request for Proposals for detailed information about this fund, including proposal requirements.


To be eligible to receive a Greenhouse Fund grant, the proposal must:

  1. Be submitted by U.S. based film producers, production companies, training organizations, media company, or public television professionals.
  2. Demonstrate that the applicant has conducted adequate research and consulted with a sufficiently broad range of experts to inform the feasibility of the project
  3. Demonstrate benefits to the public television community.

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