Ready To Lead in Literacy: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q: When holding workshops, is there a participant form we should have people fill out?
    A: CPB has no specific template for a workshop participant form. However, you should, obviously, track your participants and you may want to gather information about participants that support your project outcomes.
  2. Q: Will CPB create a website and logo for RTLL?
    A: CPB will NOT create a logo for RTLL. In fact, you do not have to call your program Ready to Lead in Literacy. You should use the branding most appropriate to your project. We know that many stations are still calling their projects Ready To Learn and have signed a licensing agreement with PBS to do so.
  3. Q: Does CPB have specific language it would like us to use in the parent co-viewing messages?
    A: At this time, CPB has no specific language to include in parent co-viewing messages. The general message is that parent-child co-viewing increases a child’s understanding of the content of television programs and can be a tool for modeling appropriate, positive interaction with television programming. In the future, CPB may provide sample language on co-viewing particularly effective with the Ready To Learn target audience based on the advice of our Ready to Learn social marketing team.
  4. Q: Is there a clarification on the labeling of workshops as either Ready to Lead in Literacy workshops or Ready To Learn, given a licensing agreement with PBS to continue to use Ready to Learn materials?
    A: Stations may choose the most appropriate branding for their local child literacy initiative. Ready to Lead in Literacy is more an administrative title for this, specific CPB Initiative than a brand name. However, stations choosing to use the Ready To Learn PBS materials and trademarks must have a licensing agreement with PBS.

Professional Development

  1. Q: Will CPB be issuing an official announcement about all professional development requirements and who from the "station team" has to attend which ones, how much of the expenses will be reimbursed, etc.?
    A: Yes, we realize that for station planning it is better to have as much information about the RTLL professional development requirements and opportunities as much in advance as possible. Please look for a full announcement on professional development within the next month. CPB will, however, update this information from time to time.
  2. Q: Do we have to apply for NCO travel grants for the RTLL professional development requirement at that conference?
    A: No, RTLL stations are NOT required to apply for NCO travel grants to attend the NCO annual conference where CPB will offer an RTLL training on designing and evaluating your Year 2 RTLL work. CPB will offer a special reimbursable stipend for involvement in this training at the NCO conference. We are currently discussing with NCO exactly how the logistics of this special training will work. However, we encourage every station to prepare to send at least one of its station team to NCO for this training as it will support the development of your Year 2 Ready to Lead in Literacy work plan.
  3. Q: What will the other professional development opportunities be?
    A: We currently plan to present information on effective fundraising techniques and proposal writing at the PBS Development Conference later in the year. We may also have a couple of audio conferences to address needs that are identified by the stations.


  1. Q: Can monies for NETA come out of the RTLL grant monies?
    A: If Stations have an approved budget that includes some staff professional development, they may use these funds to supplement the funds provided by CPB for the NETA RTLL training. For example, a legitimate expense would be paying for the full NETA registration in order to attend the entire NETA conference.
  2. Q: Does participation in the two RTLL sessions at NETA entitled "CPB Ready to Learn Development" meet the entire RTLL professional development requirement?
    A: What CPB expects is that RTLL station team members will attend at least two professional development events over the course of the project year. Currently, we have three training events planned; NETA, NCO, and the PBS Development Conference. In addition, there will also be occasional audio conferences.
  3. Q: Will CPB post the NETA RTLL session descriptions?
    A: Yes, we will post session descriptions on the CPB RTLL web page. We expect that page to be active by January 23, 2006.
  4. Q: If we save money on the flight to Houston for the RTLL training at NETA can we use the savings to offset an extra night at the NETA conference?
    A: Yes, if the extra room night is required because an RTLL staffer cannot find a return flight to home following the RTLL sessions on Friday, January 27, 2006.
  5. Q: What meals are being provided for at the NETA conference?
    A: CPB is providing a 1-day per diem of $65.00 for meals and will also provide a lunch for RTLL staffers participating in our training.
  6. Q: Will we be allowed to attend the NASA reception at NETA?
    A: The reception at NETA is a ticketed event for registered conference attendees. A registrant may attend the event without any additional payment, if they have indicated so on their registration form. If you did not register for the entire conference, you can notify NETA of your interest to attend. There is a $40 per guest charge.

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