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CPB Announces Grant for America By The Numbers

  • June 5, 2014

New Multicultural Primetime Program to Air on PBS, The World Channel

Washington, DC (June 5, 2014) – The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) today announced that it will be providing a grant through its Diversity and Innovation Fund of approximately $850,000 to America By The Numbers, a new, eight episode, half-hour, television series that examines how an increasingly diverse population is influencing culture, commerce, and politics in the United States.

Hosted by Maria Hinojosa, and produced in collaboration with WGBH-Boston, America By The Numbers will air on both PBS and the World Channel, a 24/7 digital multicast public media channel. The series will focus on news stories that are under-reported in the mainstream media, such as: health disparities in the U.S. as viewed through the lens of infant mortality; military service by residents from the non-voting territories of the Pacific Islands; the impact of a domestic oil boom on Native American lands; and the high dropout rate in Asian American refugee communities (part of the CPB American Graduate initiative).

“The Diversity & Innovation Fund is the continuation of a long-standing CPB tradition of support for diverse content, diverse talent, and diverse audiences,” said Joseph Tovares, SVP, Diversity and Innovation, CPB. “America By The Numbers is much more than just a public television series. This project, led by Maria Hinojosa and produced by a multicultural team, is building valuable diverse capacity for the public media system, and bringing together a major producing station (WGBH), the World Channel, PBS, and public broadcasting’s national minority consortia in support of both diversity and innovation on public media.”

"Consistent with the mission of public broadcasting - to give voice to the extraordinary diversity of this country - I am excited that PBS and the WORLD Channel will premier America by the Numbers,” said Maria Hinojosa, series host and project leader. “This eight-part series is the first national TV program dedicated to documenting massive and historic demographic change in the US using hard data and powerful storytelling.”

“America by the Numbers is a hallmark of diversity and innovation as the series is being produced by one of the most diverse teams in public broadcasting,” added Hinojosa. “I am thrilled that CPB has chosen to support this endeavor, to tell underreported stories and provide opportunities for the development of new talent, which are both central to my vision and mission."

CPB’s Diversity and Innovation Fund supports the production of diverse primetime and children’s broadcast content and innovation projects. Since 2011, the fund has provided more than $31 million in grants to projects such as the Peabody Award winning 180 Days; Slavery By Another Name; Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle; Coming Back with Wes Moore; La Batalla; March on Washington; Off the Menu; and The Graduates/Los Graduados.

The Futuro Media Group, which also produces Latino U.S.A., the long-running public radio series, will be the grantee and lead producer on the project, which includes the television series, digital content, and community engagement. Support for America By the Numbers is also provided by public broadcasting’s national minority consortia (Center for Asian American Media, National Black Programming Consortia, Latino Public Broadcasting, Pacific Islanders in Communications, and Vision Maker Media), as well as by PBS.

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