Music Rights Contact form

If You Have Log-in or Password Issues

Please fill out this form if you are unsure about your station's credentials. Chances are good that your predecessor already registered, and we can look up that information and figure out how to proceed based on the information you provide.

If you are sure you already have a login account, but cannot remember the password, just request a new password.

If you already have a login account for usage with Jobline only, please DO fill out this form and state this fact, and we can probably augment your credentials appropriately.

If You Can Log in But Have Other Questions


Your Station’s Primary and Secondary Music Rights users are listed on the "Your Account" page.


The Primary Contact is able to log in, view, and accept the music rights agreements. You should consult with your own legal counsel before making any final decisions about these licenses. Designated by your organization, the Primary Contact will be executing legally binding documents which create business relationships with various large Performing Rights Organizations. We recommend that the Primary Contact be the Head of Grantee or Licensee Official at your organization.

The Secondary Contact is able to log in and view the music rights agreements (but cannot accept them).

If you would like to designate a Primary and Secondary Contact other than the ones listed on your station's account page, please Contact us via the form below.

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