June 27-28, 2016

Jun 27, 2016 to Jun 28, 2016
Board Meeting
Nashville/Cookeville, TN




That the Board of Directors
of the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Expresses its Deep Appreciation to

WCTE-TV President and CEO Becky Magura
WCTE Board of Trustees
WCTE Staff

For the Extraordinary Service
They Provide to the People of
Upper Cumberland Tennessee
and for Hosting a Visit from the CPB Board.

CPB is grateful for the gracious hospitality that the WCTE Board of Trustees, staff and their local and state partners afforded to the CPB Board of Directors during our June 2016 visit.
Visiting WCTE-TV was a special opportunity to see first-hand the value that a public media station brings to its community. WCTE-TV has built important partnerships with leaders in local education, business, agriculture, economic development, public safety, music, art, theatre, athletics, and tourism to provide vital programs, services, and resources to the residents of Cookeville, Tennessee, and across the Upper Cumberland.

CPB appreciates the leadership of WCTE-TV President and CEO Becky Magura and the vital role of the WCTE’s Board of Trustees and hard-working personnel in ensuring remote areas of the Upper Cumberland are served, the educational needs of the community’s at-risk youth are addressed, and the region’s artistic and cultural life is enriched.

CPB looks forward to a continuing collaboration to ensure WCTE-TV’s vibrant future of service the people of middle Tennessee.

Resolution Date: 
Thursday, August 11, 2016



CPB management, in consultation with representatives from the public broadcasting system, has developed a request for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for an advance appropriation in support of the public broadcasting system for FY 2020; and

The Board of Directors has been briefed on CPB’s proposed request, and CPB management has consulted with public broadcasting system members to ensure a broad spectrum of system needs for providing service was considered; and

CPB seeks to comply with the confidentiality of the OMB annual budget process by not releasing its budget request figures publicly until the President has delivered his budget request to Congress.

The Board of Directors authorizes CPB management to submit CPB’s annual budget request to OMB.

Resolution Date: 
Monday, June 27, 2016



That the Board of Directors
of the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Expresses Its Deep Appreciation to the

Public Media Stations of Tennessee

WTCI-TV, Chattanooga
WUTC-FM, Chattanooga
WCTE-TV, Cookeville
WKNO-TV, Cordova
WKNO-FM, Cordova
WETS-FM, Johnson City
WETP-TV, Knoxville
WUOT-FM, Knoxville
WDVX-FM, Knoxville
WLJT-TV, Martin
WNPT-TV, Nashville
WPLN-FM, Nashville

For their Service to the People of Tennessee

CPB's mission is to ensure universal access to high-quality content and services that inform, educate, and enrich the public and help inform civil discourse essential to American society. It does this in partnership with public media stations across the United States.

The public media stations of Tennessee support this mission by providing vital educational and informational content and community services in partnership with state and local governments, community organizations and volunteers. In doing so, they meet the needs of Tennessee’s diverse urban and rural communities, promote the state’s rich musical and cultural traditions, and reflect Tennessee’s spirit of volunteerism and civic engagement.

CPB is proud to work in partnership with the public media stations of Tennessee, and we look forward to a vibrant future of continued service to the people of Tennessee.

Resolution Date: 
Monday, June 27, 2016



That the Board of Directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Expresses its Heartfelt Condolences to the Family of

David Gilkey

NPR Photographer and videographer, 2007-2016

CPB remembers with gratitude David’s years of service to NPR and public broadcasting.

David was an award winning photographer and videographer. For many years he reported from conflict zones in Afghanistan and the Middle East, on natural disasters in Japan, Haiti and the Philippines, and on human tragedies including the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

His work added another dimension to NPR’s coverage of the world. His images captured the devastation of war, the destruction of the environment and the fragility of the human condition.

He chose to go where few dared to go because he understood the importance of telling the stories of those who had no choice but to be where they were. Through his lens, the world saw the fall of apartheid in South Africa, famine and conflict in Somalia, tribal warfare in Rwanda and the war in the Balkans.

David’s video reporting received 36 distinctions from the White House Photographers Association. His reporting on difficulties faced by returning veterans was recognized with a 2007 Emmy Award.

David received CPB’s Edward R. Murrow award for journalism in 2015 for his coverage of international breaking news, military conflicts and natural disasters.

He brought a humanity to his work that made us all care.

The Board extends its deepest sympathies to the Gilkey family.

Resolution Date: 
Monday, June 27, 2016