Kristina Cushing de Recinos, Vice President, Operations

Kristina Cushing de Recinos is Vice President, Operations.  In this role she works closely with the COO to provide effective leadership, strategy, planning and execution of all of CPB’s grant making efforts. 

Ms. Cushing de Recinos was previously Vice President, Media Strategy Operations at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, where she oversaw activities related to national and local digital infrastructure, improvements in station efficiencies and collaborations, and financial and operational analysis used in CPB’s strategic and business planning.

Prior to joining CPB, Ms. Cushing de Recinos worked at the Steel Manufacturers Association, where she managed all finances and accounts, oversaw the activities of two committees, managed all office administration, and developed and launched an industry-specific website focused on promoting worker safety, which provided employers with tools to improve safety.

Ms. Cushing de Recinos was a Fulbright Fellow in Austria in 2003-2004. She has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and a BA in History from Kenyon College.