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HD Lab [AHCI Phase II]

In this project (formerly Young History Detectives) teenagers throughout the country explore America’s past by investigating objects that have played a significant role in the nation’s history. The project—a part of the second phase of CPB’s American History and Civics initiative—builds on a strong response from educators and students nationwide to the popular PBS television series History Detectives. In this phase, both a broadcast program highlighting the work of student “history detectives” and interactive components designed to help students acquire new research and critical-thinking skills are inspired by the promise that student-driven investigations of objects with compelling historical mysteries can promote authentic “hands-on” learning. The televised student investigations will be broadcast as part of the current History Detectives series and will also be available online via the PBS COVE video player.

One interactive component is a series of “detective case modules” (each complementary to existing curricula) in which students investigate and solve mysteries about predetermined historic objects in an online, virtual game-like environment.

A second interactive component is an “open investigation” tool, in which students collaborate (sometimes with History Detectives staff and experts) to solve a mystery about a historic object they select themselves.

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