Public broadcasting in Alabama touches the lives of residents daily in their homes, schools and communities. The state’s nine public television and 10 public radio stations play a vital role in Alabama education through their services for teachers and classrooms, parents and caregivers. In partnership with schools in Alabama and nationwide, public broadcasting continues to pioneer technology to build the classrooms of tomorrow, today. Among other programs, projects and services, public broadcasting in Alabama:

  • Produces numerous local, regional and state programs, including:
    • Alabama Public Television’s (APT’s) Capitol Journal, which provides daily coverage of the legislative session;
    • Alabama Public Radio’s (APR) All Things Acoustic, which explores folk music and ethnic sounds as well as the singer-songwriter genre;
    • Jugs, Jukes and Jazz, a long-running program featuring jazz, ragtime, Dixieland and big-band sounds from the earliest recording to the 1960s; and,
    • Bama Bluegrass, which features artists from the bluegrass and old-time country music scenes.
  • Offers tens of thousands of instructional videos, all correlated to Alabama’s curriculum standards and searchable by subject, grade level and more, through APTPLUS, APT 21st-century digital library. Every public school in the state is registered to use the library.
  • Participated in a yearlong Mobile Emergency Alert System broadcast pilot project demonstrating how TV stations can deliver multimedia alerts to the general public and first responders in times of natural or manmade disasters. 
  • Uses television broadcasts, online services and partnerships with state agencies, K-12 and early childhood educators and organizations, libraries, museums and universities to meet the educational needs of individuals and communities across Alabama 24 hours a day. APT reaches more residents than any other educational organization in the state.
  • Established an APR news team that the Alabama Associated Press named the “Most Outstanding News Organization” for 2012. APR won the same honor in 2011.
  • Serves visually impaired listeners through public radio’s Radio Reading Service.
  • Participates in Ready To Learn, an innovative public media initiative that improves the math and literacy skills of our nation’s youngest citizens, ages 2-8, especially those from low-income backgrounds.
  • Offers free, easily accessible online education resources available to every parent, teacher and classroom in the state. Participates in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen initiative, which focuses on reducing the high school dropout rate through national and local content, classroom resources and community partnerships.  APT hosted a town hall for teachers to discuss challenges and possible solutions to the crisis.
  • Airs interviews and public service announcements through partnerships with several agencies to inform public radio listeners about free training for GED courses.
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