Public broadcasting in Arkansas touches the lives of residents daily in their homes, schools and communities. The state's six public television and five public radio stations play a vital role in Arkansas education through their services for teachers and classrooms, parents and caregivers. In partnership with schools in the state and nationwide, public broadcasting continues to pioneer technology to build the classrooms of tomorrow, today. Among other programs, projects and services, public broadcasting in Arkansas:

  • Hosts the largest free online professional development portal (IDEAS) for teachers in the nation, in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education.
  • Leads the Alternative Learning Environments program across the state, providing teachers a platform to discuss the techniques and approaches they use to reach struggling learners.
  • Hosts adult career workshops in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, Arbor Education and Training, the Arkansas Adult Resource Learning Center and the Arkansas Veterans Benefits Administration’s Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program.
  • Works with high schools and colleges to teach students all areas of radio operations.
  • Participates in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen initiative, which focuses on reducing the high school dropout rate through national and local content, classroom resources and community partnerships.
  • Participates in Ready To Learn, an innovative public media initiative that improves the math and literacy skills of our nation’s youngest citizens, ages 2-8 years, especially those from low-income backgrounds.
  • Provides an intensive hands-on, weeklong institute designed to train and enable Arkansas educators to implement technology in the classroom.
  • Offers early childhood workshops for parents to address a growing literacy need for low-income parent and caretaker groups.
  • Hosts a weeklong day camp designed to teach children ages 6-10 habits necessary to lead a healthy life through fitness activities, nutrition education and cooking.
  • Works with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock history department in producing one-minute features about the state’s civil rights history.
  • Is planning a radio series about entrepreneurship in Arkansas at KASU-FM, in cooperation with the Delta Center for Economic Development and the Commercial Innovation Center at Arkansas State University.
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