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  • Public broadcasting in Florida touches the lives of residents daily in their homes, schools and communities. The state’s 14 public television and 22 public radio stations play a vital role in Florida education through their services for teachers and classrooms, parents and caregivers. In partnership with schools in the state and nationwide, public broadcasting continues to pioneer technology to build the classrooms of tomorrow, today. Among other programs, projects and services, public broadcasting in Florida:

    • Provides a multimedia project designed to improve reading, writing and critical thinking skills for third- through sixth-grade students.
    • Teaches broadcast journalism students to produce live weekday evening news broadcasts through stations with university partnerships.
    • Hosts the Teacher Training Institute, where K–12 educators participate in hands-on workshops designed to enhance curriculum and strengthen creative use of technology in the classroom.
    • Partners with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to produce the community-focused program Be Safe, which features public safety topics and helps viewers stay safe.
    • Broadcasts on public radio in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and produces programs of interest to minority communities.
    • Produces programs targeted at audiences that are usually geographically or demographically underserved, including programs on diabetes care, emergency preparedness and local government.
    • Serves as the official emergency public information television broadcaster for some counties.
    • Participates in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen initiative, which focuses on reducing the high school dropout rate through national and local content, classroom resources and community partnerships. Stations hosted a teacher town hall to discuss challenges and possible solutions to the crisis.
    • Provides bilingual programming that helps parents prepare for kindergarten and beyond with child-development strategies for bicultural families.
    • Participates in Ready To Learn, an innovative public media initiative that improves the math and literacy skills of our nation’s youngest citizens, ages 2-8 years, especially those from low-income backgrounds.
    • Provides a free reading service for people who have impaired vision or are otherwise unable to read for themselves.
    • Hosts monthly free concert series, bringing a broad range of music to the community.
    WFSU–Tallahassee, FL

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