Public broadcasting in Guam touches the lives of residents daily in their homes, schools and communities. The territory’s public television station and public radio station play a vital role in Guam education through their services for teachers and classrooms, parents and caregivers. In partnership with schools in the territory and nationwide, public broadcasting continues to pioneer technology to build the classrooms of tomorrow, today. Among other programs, projects and services, public broadcasting in Guam:

  • Videotaped and broadcasted the Annual Chamorro Language Competition through an agreement with the University of Guam. (Chamorro and English are the official languages of Guam, but only 25 percent of the native population is fluent in Chamorro.) The two-day competition drew more than 700 students and 70 teachers from 44 elementary, middle and high schools. Nine one-hour episodes aired on PBS Guam/KGTF Channel 12. For a nominal fee, a 3½-hour video document of the competition was also made available to all schools and competitors.
  • Broadcasts I Know Guam, a history program written and produced by Baltazar Aguon, a PBS Guam producer. The series, which premiered Aug. 24, 2012, is hosted by various teenage guest hosts who provide a brief history of the different sites, explain their significance and promote their continued preservation. The hosts reflect contemporary Guam’s multicultural makeup.
  • Broadcasts live the Guam Liberation Day Parade. Guam’s largest annual event, the parade brings the entire community together to honor Guam’s liberators as well as remember those who suffered the atrocities of World War II enemy occupation.
Lidia Bastianich, National Ambassador

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