Public broadcasting in Wisconsin touches the lives of residents daily in their homes, schools and communities. The state’s eight public television and 31 public radio stations play a vital role in Wisconsin education through their services for teachers and classrooms, parents and caregivers. In partnership with schools in the state and nationwide, public broadcasting continues to pioneer technology to build the classrooms of tomorrow, today. Among other programs, projects and services, public broadcasting in Wisconsin:

  • Created Wisconsin Bookworms, and through statewide community partners has delivered free books to more than 500,000 young children who would not otherwise have a chance to own them. The project reaches out to children ages 2-5 in families of financial need and gives them tools to learn through a supportive network of parents, care providers and child-care associations.
  • Hosts an annual Wisconsin Early Childhood Conference, which offers more than 200 day-care providers a day of training, inspiration and orientation to available resources.
  • Provides ECB Learning Media, which features tens of thousands of digital instructional resources for cost-free use by educators.
  • Produces numerous local, regional and state programs including:
    • Tribal Histories, sharing each tribe’s history and culture in the purest of storytelling traditions—first-person narrative.
    • Here and Now, bringing current events, newsmakers and issues from across the state to the forefront of public discussion.
    • University Place, a daily presentation of University of Wisconsin faculty and guest lecturers on subjects from agriculture to zoology for the state’s lifelong learners.
  • Participates in the PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest, in which K-3 students write and illustrate their own stories.
  • Partners with several community programs to provide on-the-job training activities for participants in a college work-study program, a vocational rehabilitation program and/or a summer youth employment program.
  • Participates in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen initiative, which focuses on reducing the high school dropout rate through national and local content, classroom resources and community partnerships. 
  • Offers professional development for educators through activities such as in-school professional development workshops and presentations at state, regional and national conferences as well as demonstrations of educational technology designed to enhance teachers’ professional knowledge.
  • Offers internship opportunities to high school and college students who wish to learn more about radio and television production and reporting.


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