APRIL 14, 2020



The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) provides $75 million of emergency stabilization funds to CPB to distribute to public media stations to alleviate the severe decreases in underwriting and donations resulting from the economic impacts of the coronavirus;


            Congress directed that these funds, which are not subject to CPB’s statutory funding formula, be used to maintain programming and services, and to preserve the ability of small and rural public media stations to continue to provide essential information, educational content and services to the American people.


In consultation with the public media system and in accordance with the CARES Act, CPB management has developed a plan for the effective and expeditious distribution of these funds to public media stations in this period of extraordinary economic hardship; and


            The Board of Directors has reviewed CPB’s recommendations for the allocations of these funds as outlined in the proposed plan,


            The Board of Directors authorizes CPB management to proceed with implementation of the proposed distribution plan for the CARES Act emergency stabilization funds for public media stations as outlined in the attached.

Radio - $37,500,000

Each grantee receives $75,000

398 grantees x $75,000 = $29,850,000

Remaining funds = $7,650,000

Divide remaining funds by 206 grantees that are small[1] or rural[2]

Each receives an additional $37,136

192 grantees receive $75,000

206 grantees receive $112,136


Television- $37,500,000

Each grantee receives $200,000

158 x $200,000 = $31,600,000

Remaining funds = $5,900,000

Divide remaining funds by 98 grantees that are small[3] or rural[4]

Each receives an additional $60,204

60 grantees receive $200,000

98 grantees receive $260,204


[1] CSG grantees with total revenue less than $500k and rural and minority grantees with total revenue less than $5 million.

[2] CSG grantees with coverage area population less than 40 people per square kilometer.

[3] CSG grantees with total revenue less than $5 million.

[4] CSG grantees with a coverage area population that is greater than 19% rural (national average of rural is 19%).

Resolution Date: 
Tuesday, April 14, 2020



That the Board of Directors
of the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Expresses its Deep Appreciation to

WCTE-TV President and CEO Becky Magura
WCTE Board of Trustees
WCTE Staff

For the Extraordinary Service
They Provide to the People of
Upper Cumberland Tennessee
and for Hosting a Visit from the CPB Board.

CPB is grateful for the gracious hospitality that the WCTE Board of Trustees, staff and their local and state partners afforded to the CPB Board of Directors during our June 2016 visit.
Visiting WCTE-TV was a special opportunity to see first-hand the value that a public media station brings to its community. WCTE-TV has built important partnerships with leaders in local education, business, agriculture, economic development, public safety, music, art, theatre, athletics, and tourism to provide vital programs, services, and resources to the residents of Cookeville, Tennessee, and across the Upper Cumberland.

CPB appreciates the leadership of WCTE-TV President and CEO Becky Magura and the vital role of the WCTE’s Board of Trustees and hard-working personnel in ensuring remote areas of the Upper Cumberland are served, the educational needs of the community’s at-risk youth are addressed, and the region’s artistic and cultural life is enriched.

CPB looks forward to a continuing collaboration to ensure WCTE-TV’s vibrant future of service the people of middle Tennessee.

Resolution Date: 
Thursday, August 11, 2016