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The CPB ombudsman is an independent observer of public broadcasting. The CPB ombudsman will adhere to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. All decisions to review programming — and all reports on broadcasts — will be made by the ombudsman. The ombudsman will confine written reports to material that has been broadcast on the public airwaves and will not engage in pre-broadcast commentary.

The CPB ombudsman’s office is eager to help in any way possible and welcomes all thoughts, observations and concerns on public media and public media journalism.

While CPB neither produces nor controls programming, CPB’s ombudsman responds to complaints and inquiries, regularly reports on individual concerns and explains journalistic practices.

Comments, complaints and correction requests regarding public media programming should initially be directed to the station that broadcast it.

Audience feedback can also be sent to the ombudsmen at NPR and PBS – the organizations that produce much of the national and international programming on public radio and television, respectively.  Please contact the Office of the Inspector General for matters regarding waste, fraud or abuse.  

When sending your feedback, please provide as much detail as possible.


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