Ted Krichels, Senior Vice President, System Development and Media Strategy

Ted is Senior Vice President of System Development and Media Strategy at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In this role since November 2013, he manages CPB’s support of nearly 1,500 public media stations through Community Service Grants and other technical and system support. Ted works closely with stations and has led CPB’s work identifying and promoting successful operating and service models to support stations’ capacity to provide content and services for their communities.

Ted has over 30 years of public broadcasting experience, including roles as Associate Vice President and General Manager of Penn State Public Broadcasting and as President and CEO of KBDI in Denver, Colorado. In 2014, Ted directed the Public Media Models of the Future project for PBS, which explored sustainable public media service models and how they might be leveraged and replicated by others.

He has continued to support stations strategic planning through CPB’s Business Strategies Leadership project. Ted also coordinates efforts to assess current and future system technology needs, inform stations about the broadcast spectrum auction and repack, ATSC 3 and other industry-wide issues affecting public media.

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in history and has a master’s in psychology from Naropa Institute.