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This RFP is closed. Please refer to the new Digital Culture Accelerator RFP.

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August 29, 2016

Request for Proposals

This RFP is closed. Please refer to the new Digital Culture Accelerator RFP.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks the services of a consultant(s) (Consultant) to work with public media chief executive officers from three organizations and assist them in accelerating their efforts to diversify their traditional linear broadcast operating model by taking advantage of digital platforms and technologies. The Consultant will work with CPB to develop the criteria to select these leaders.

The Consultant must have extensive knowledge in the transmedia space (broadcast & digital) and direct expertise in building large scale digital media organizations including being responsible for content development and distribution, revenue optimization, and business operations.

The Consultant must assist the system leaders with the following: 

  1. Develop and articulate the organization’s digital vision to better lead  and serve its communities in a changing media and technology landscape;
  2. Develop (and/or refine) digital strategy and communicate it to gain buy-in within the organization;
  3. Create a culture of innovation within the leader’s organizations to attract diverse and digitally native talent;
  4. Establish specific, measurable digital goals to foster organizational alignment;
  5. Develop an  organizational structure to efficiently manage the broadcast and digital operations;
  6. Identify strategic partners and develop a plan to secure those partners to further support the organization’s mission and goals;
  7. Evaluate business models and use digital as a tool to create and enhance revenue streams;
  8. Assess digital platforms and approaches to engage audiences in the organization’s communities; and
  9. Assist the organization in more effectively navigating the digital landscape, prioritize roadmap items and utilize scarce resources.
Please download the Request for Proposals below for detailed information, including application requirements.
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Questions from Potential Respondents, with CPB Answers:

FAQ Topic: 

Will the selected Consultant’s travel be to Washington DC?

The travel will be to the three selected stations, so it will be based on the location of those stations.