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AAM is seeking a Senior Producer to lead the development and production of a new podcast and public radio series exploring the central role of religion in the life of Muhammad Ali, the most famous Muslim in American history. The series will be produced by AAM in partnership with the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY. This series will tell the story of Ali’s religious and spiritual journey, from his strong Christian upbringing, to his conversion to the Nation of Islam, to the impact of his interaction with Muslim communities around the world and Muslim immigrants in the United States on his practice of Islam, to his diplomatic influence in Muslim majority countries and efforts to promote the understanding of Islam in America post 9/11.

AAM is seeking a creative leader with a passion for storytelling and a strong podcast and/or public radio production background. The Senior Producer will lead the production of a 6-8 episode podcast series, which will be re-purposed as a 4-part public radio special. The Senior Producer will lead the entire production process including interviewing key figures; liaising with a prominent host; working with scholarly advisors to ensure historical accuracy; directing archival research; scripting episodes; overseeing editing and more. The Senior Producer will be the driving creative force behind creating a compelling, nuanced and accurate audio narrative about Ali's religious journey. The Senior Producer should have a deep understanding of African American and Muslim American issues and historical context.  

*AAM is based in Washington, DC but this job opportunity will be remote. Candidates throughout the US are encouraged to apply.  

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Washington, DC
United States
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Full time
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