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Job Description


GBH’s News seeks to inform, educate, and enlighten our audience on both the News of the day and the News in historical context through in-depth, high-quality journalism using the best tools and methods of the craft. WGBH always seeks to report on and facilitate discussion of the news with integrity, fairness, balance, accuracy, and civility; GBH News also seeks to tell the stories of and allow expression of the diversity of voices that make up our entire community.    


Who we are: GBH NEWS

GBH News is Boston’s only fully integrated local public media entity with Television, Radio, and Digital all working out of one newsroom. Our daily goal is to go beyond the headlines, examining deeper topics and themes, and adding context and perspective to stories we cover.

GBH has made a serious commitment to journalism. Our newsroom of three dozen reporters ranges from radio and television hosts to beat reporters covering City Hall, Worcester, and Dorchester to a full-time investigative team. We are committed to making a difference with excellent reporting; In just the past year our reporting has led the state to create a new government agency; has led colleges to drop policies that withheld transcripts from students with small debts; and has won regional Murrow, Emmy and Public Media Journalism awards, among others.

Our news every day advances the broader GBH mission statement: we enrich people's lives through programs and services that educate, inspire, and entertain, fostering citizenship and culture, the joy of learning, and the power of diverse perspectives.


We’re reimagining mornings…

 GBH is taking bold steps to reposition itself for the next generation of Boston and regional listeners.

We’re looking for a dynamic journalist to host in the mornings, carrying our listeners through NPR’s Morning Edition and potentially beyond. We are also thinking beyond radio, with ways to expand our audience online and on various digital platforms.

If you are creative, willing to experiment, can be yourself on-air, and evolve into the trusted, must-listen-to, start-of-the-day host for the entire Greater Boston region, this job might be for you.

Morning listening becomes a welcome habit when the host is somebody you want to spend time with, whether it’s during a blizzard, a contested political campaign or a Red Sox win – the host celebrates, frames, makes clear and connects all the elements of developing news into an engaging whole.

The ideal person has a distinct editorial voice and feels comfortable on social media, in front of a live audience, behind a mic and in front of a camera. GBH excels on every platform and we want someone who embraces GBH’s strengths and makes them their own.

We want a rock-solid, clever writer and presenter who can own the morning and bring listeners along on a distinct, valued, and smart journey.


  • Exemplary preparation for an on-air shift requiring creativity, imagination, and exercise of independent professional judgment in writing, producing, interviewing, taping, and broadcasting material.
  • Personality must be upbeat, informative, and entertaining and be able to relate to a broadcast and digital audience.
  • Must be an enthusiastic consumer of daily news in the Greater Boston area.
  • Operate as a respected and respectful teammate in a large and diverse newsroom, with the ability to set aside titles and egos for the benefit of the broader news mission.
  • Participate in required station Programming, Promotions, and Sales staff meetings and events.
  • Make regular approved appearances at paid, and non-paid, station events.
  • Assist with the voice over and production of paid, and non-paid, spots required to run on the station.
  • Interview guests, moderate debates, converse with callers, and host live events.
  • Adhere to all guidelines, policies, and procedures of the station, GBH, the FCC and all other federal, state, and local laws, including policies and procedures regarding indecency and obscenity.
  • Research and gain knowledge of subject matter that facilitates speaking extemporaneously and providing immediate non-scripted analysis/commentary.
  • Participate in preparation of written content, visual images, audio material and video footage for websites, blogs, or other social media platforms.
  • Handle emergency inserts (e.g. news updates and breaking stories, emergencies, alert system tests, etc.); be on call for possible disasters, breaking news, or acts of nature.



  • Strong editorial and ethical judgment.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Experience with multi-platform news production.
  • Familiarity with relevant FCC rules and regulations.
  • Comfortable with working in a diverse and equitable team environment that puts leadership and respect at the center of working relationships
  • Can lead by example, practices pride, humility, teamwork, and humility.
  • Great listener
  • Can handle multiple demands under pressure



 7-10 years experience in broadcast news



This is a full-time staff position


For more information or to apply, please contact:

John Barth

Creative Media



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Boston, MA
United States
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Full time
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