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In the nation’s sixth largest radio market, Houston Public Media keeps the city informed through hourly newscasts, two daily radio talk shows, as well as assorted podcasts and other digital media. Our Senior Producer contributes to all these formats by creating high quality news content that is strong, engaging, topical and relevant. The Senior Producer is a great communicator, able to work with our journalists and radio hosts in creating new and better content, often reacting to breaking news events. Our Senior Producer has a sharp sense of what’s making news now and also what’s trending, always looking for compelling topics for future feature stories and talk show segments. The Senior Producer has experience in anchoring and producing newscasts and is comfortable toggling between on-air and online to get the story out.

Our newsroom often must react quickly to major breaking news events. The Senior Producer is skilled at handling multiple duties during these times, is quick to get sound from the key players and turn it around to air within minutes, and takes the lead in moving our resources to cover the story effectively. Houston is among America’s most diverse cities, a place of near-constant growth, a city that some say is what the country will look like in decades to come. For those reasons, it’s an exciting and dynamic place to be a journalist.

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Houston, TX
United States
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Friday, January 29, 2021
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Full time
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