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Winner of more than 40 Emmy Awards, ITVS is public media’s leading incubator and presenter of documentary film. We partner with filmmakers who bring untold stories to public broadcasting to make a difference in the world. 

For over 25 years, we’ve been committed to diversity on both sides of the camera, helping filmmakers tell and share vital stories that are reflective of our society. In 2000, ITVS formed its DEI Committee to ensure the tenets of DEI are fully lived within the organization. In 2004, ITVS started the Diversity Development Fund which gives filmmakers of color research and development funding. Each year we push ourselves to work toward becoming a fully inclusive anti-biased multicultural organization.  

Two-thirds of our filmmakers, and more than half of our staff, are people of color (ITVS BIPOC representation ). Women co-produce 60 percent of our films. We have received the Peabody Award for Institutional Excellence and the Television Academy's Governors Award for our DEI leadership. 

Still, we know we can do better. 



The consultant in this role will help us re-imagine our approach to measuring and tracking DEI. 

Overview of The Work

ITVS’s DEI Measurement Working Group aims to develop a new approach to measuring and tracking DEI at ITVS that:

  • Helps us re-envision the metrics we collect and analyze to provide a broader understanding of the identities and lived experiences of folks we hire and work with as well as their experiences working with us.
  • Reviews our current collection of DEI metrics as they relate to the entire organization, across departments and teams and for our staff, board, filmmakers, review panels, and consultants/vendors  
  • Identifies gaps in our metrics, presents pathways for improving our data collection methodology, and / or develops creative approaches to measurement that we can integrate within our workflows and processes 
  • Establishes a process and structure for regularly analyzing our DEI performance--tracking progress over time and, if/when possible, benchmarking our performance against other leaders in our field, as well as the DEI field, to identify where we should focus our improvement efforts. 

Core responsibilities : 

Conduct External Research 

  • Identify bold, creative, and forward thinking approaches to measuring and tracking DEI. We are interested in existing open source tools and best practices within and outside of our industry. 
  • Provide insight into how other similar media organizations and funders (such as Firelight media, PBS, Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, DocSociety, and the International Documentary Association) are measuring and tracking DEI. 
  • Identify potential external benchmarks or DEI performance goals. 

Coordinate and Advise the Working Group 

  • Help the Working Group to establish a timeline and structure for their work.
  • Advise the Working Group on best practices for DEI measurement and tracking--drawing on their expertise and their external research study. 
  • Facilitate discussions of ways to reimagine ITVS’s approach to measurement and tracking. 
  • Manage the Working Group meetings (i.e., setting the agendas for Working Group meetings in consultation with the group co-chairs, facilitating productive discussions, following up on next steps and action items). 

Develop Recommendations 

  • Drawing on their external research and Work Group discussions, the consultant will develop a set of recommendations for how ITVS can improve its DEI measurement and tracking. Recommendations should include creative and concrete ideas for adjusting what we measure and how we measure it, analyze the results, and use the data.

Review of Working Group Deliverables 

  • After delivering their final set of recommendations to ITVS, the consultant will remain on call to review up to three documents prepared by the Working Group. These documents may include ITVS’s revised DEI measurement and tracking plans and/or related data collection tools or instruments.


  • Expert knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion data collection and analysis concepts and best practices. 
  • Experience coordinating teams or working groups; adept at applying a client-oriented and solution-focused approach. 
  • Creative with a flexible mind-set; open to new ideas and practices; demonstrated experience designing and implementing creative approaches to measuring diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Experience working with media organizations 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  • A commitment to social impact work and engagement in a variety of social, economic, and cultural perspectives.
  • Cares deeply about principles associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion; willing and wanting to support the voices and visions of underrepresented communities, and reflect the interests and concerns of a diverse society.


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San Francisco, CA
United States
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Full time
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Application Process

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Please submit your personal resume (if you are working on behalf of a consultancy organization, then please submit an outline of your organization’s past work and clients) along with a cover letter and/or letter of intent. Qualified applicants will be contacted and presented with a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) for further review. 

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