Job Description:

Responsible for the operational readiness, maintenance, installation, and testing of all broadcast equipment. Also responsible for the installation and maintenance of station IT network and office computers. The position requires a thorough understanding of Master Control and technical production processes, workflow, signal flow, and the operational proficiency with all job related equipment and software.

  • Install, operate, and maintain all broadcast equipment, including but not limited to: Studio and field digital video cameras, video servers, routing and switching systems, automation systems, satellite earth-station controllers and receivers, UHF NTSC/ATSC transmitters, microwave radio links, and camera video control panels, and programming.
  • Perform as a production, operations, maintenance, or transmitter engineer as needed.
  • Troubleshoot, perform software and hardware maintenance and install all production and broadcast related equipment.
  • Maintain quality control of recorded materials and take responsibility to discern the issue to correct it.
  • Monitor and log transmitter status.
  • Perform all broadcast related job functions required by the FCC and maintain broadcast signals within FCC guidelines.   
  • Responsible for FCC license renewal, maintenance, and integrity.
  • Provide set up and operation of video and audio for live remote broadcasts.
  • Set up recording equipment, both audio and video, for production and broadcast (e.g. shading cameras, configuring microphones, timing devices for seamless switching…)
  • Respond to viewers phone calls and e-mails regarding reception problems and other technical concerns.
  • Attend training sessions relevant to the job function at the station.
  • Implement technical infrastructure and provide systems integration for present needs and provide on-going research and vision for future needs
  • Install and maintain office computers and networking equipment.  Provide upgrades and repairs as needed.
  • Manage and maintain station IT network and server platforms and manage data recovery procedures and operations as needed.

  • Maintain the integrity of the station’s digital facilities and contents, including e-mail services, firewall(s), and FTP server(s)

  • Exhibit a strong commitment to the mission and goals of public broadcasting.
Job Location: 
Austin, MN
United States
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Job Type: 
Full time
Send Application Materials To: 

KSMQ Public Television

att: Human Resources

2000 8th Avenue NW

Austin, MN 55912



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Maximum Salary: 
(507) 438-8412
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