Job Description:

Southern Oregon PBS (SOPBS) is searching for a dynamic leader for its next President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to manage operations and serve as the external ambassador of our renowned Television Network.

The CEO reports to the Board of Directors, will be directly responsible for all station activities and will provide an innovative, creative and strategic vision for SOPBS as we seek to maintain and expand our position while navigating the continual transformation of digital media.

The CEO must excel at community engagement and partnership building and deliver critical and effective fundraising leadership with both public and private sources, while providing internal leadership and management of staff and facilities.

About Southern Oregon PBS

As an independent media voice, Southern Oregon PBS enriches our understanding of the past, enlivens our present and prepares us for the future by connecting our community with quality local and national programming that educates, enlightens, inspires and entertains.

With studios in beautiful Medford Oregon, located just 30 miles north of California, SOPBS sits in the heart of five distinct regions: Crater Lake, Rogue Valley, Umpqua Valley, Klamath Basin, and the Southern Oregon Outback. Our beautiful location provides ready access to an array of natural wonders, including Mt. Ashland, the Rogue River, and Crater Lake National Park. Southern Oregon’s abundance of outdoor activities, arts and culture, wine, and culinary treasures offer adventures for theatergoers, history buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Critical Skills and Attributes:

Together the staff, Board and external stakeholders provided insights to develop a profile of the ideal leader for SOPBS. We will engage with and select from candidates with the following skills and characteristics:


Our greatest asset is the trust that our listeners, staff, and supporters have in our journalism, programming, and in SOPBS as an organization. We seek a leader with:

  • High standards of personal integrity and expectation of that in others.
  • A record of being trustworthy and of trusting others.
  • A high level of transparency.
  • Courage and ethics and a strong awareness of self.
  • Demonstrated ability to identify, confront, analyze, and resolve ethically ambiguous issues and potential or real conflicts of interest, both for themselves and for others in the organization.


Highly developed public and private interpersonal skills. We seek a leader with:

  • Skill and experience being an articulate and effective spokesperson for the organization and is comfortable being the public face of the station.
  • A record of being an organized thinker, effective writer, and speaker.
  • A record of empathic listening.


We seek an externally focused, experienced and mission-driven individual, with a mature set of leadership and management abilities, who will help maintain a positive, aligned culture within SOPBS, keep the organization improving in effectiveness in serving the people of our region, who also:

  • Has an open style, but is also an effective decision-maker and change agent;
  • Shows up – in the community, throughout the region and with the staff;
  • Puts the mission and success of SOPBS first;
  • Is a team leader and builder, to make the organization highly effective at serving its mission;
  • Provides direction and accountability for organizational and staff results, including clearly communicating strategy, goals and expectations;
  • Has great people skills including being able to flex style – comfortable and effective at dealing with a wide range of stakeholders – from our smallest communities to state-wide legislative, business and community leaders;

Community Relationships

We adhere to the model common for university presidents and other community-based non-profits, in which the leader spends approximately half their time in outward-facing community work. The leader we seek will:

  • Grow SOPBS’s presence in the region;
  • Have a high level of energy for the travel involved in visiting/connecting the region, as well as authentic enthusiasm for all of the communities in our coverage area;
  • Is comfortable and effective with a wide range of people, including at high levels (and being seen as peer) of civic leadership in the region;
  • Demonstrates a record of community engagement and collaboration, and of developing partnerships with individuals and organizations.

Industry Knowledge (media, internet, etc)

Knowledge of and experience with media, trends in technology and consumption of media, including:

  • A high level of understanding of dynamics, issues and trends in public media (including the need to continue to develop SOPBS into an essential local institution), and ability to lead SOPBS in this area;
  • Understanding/experience with issues related to non-profit organizations;
  • If coming from outside public media, deep commitment to and knowledge of public television (listener, supporter); and
  • Is technologically competent, comfortable with/aware of digital and social media, able to keep us abreast and current with all different platforms.

Problem solving and decision making

Expert decision-maker, who:

  • Has the ability to prioritize and determine significance of a particular issue, understands who to include in the problem-solving process, and knows what and how much information is needed;
  • Is able to effectively analyze and use data in the decision-making process, and will make decisions in a timely matter;
  • Is good at follow-through - clearly communicates decision, designs and administers effective execution, with appropriate pre-determined success measures and time-posts; and
  • Has level of personal strength to stick by decisions and/or know when a change of direction is needed.


Effective fundraiser with demonstrated expertise in fundraising and resource development; excited about building resources for SOPBS. We seek a leader with:

  • Experience in asking for donations.
  • A comprehensive understanding of fundraising strategies and methods in public media including membership, business sponsorship, and major and planned giving.
  • Successful experience in securing major gifts through effective relationship development through the sharing of mission and needs.
  • The ability to increase the fundraising capacity of the staff and the Board.


In the context of the ongoing changes digital media are having on availability and use of media, display ability to project SOPBS’s needs out into the long-term future; see and understand future trends in media, in related fields and the world, and the impact on SOPBS’s operations and;

  • Is a big picture person;
  • Has a learning orientation, including demonstrated methods for gathering, assimilating and making meaning out of information about the changing media, technology and demographic landscape;
  • Balances vision with doing.
  • Is able to enroll others in working together to execute vision;

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A record of strong commitment to and results in increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, in audiences, and in communities served. We seek a leader with:

  • A high level of expertise in DEI best practices including understanding and addressing implicit bias and microaggression, creating an inclusive workplace, and promotion of civility.
  • Cultural fluency, awareness, and empathy; demonstrated respect for the values of others, treats all people as individuals, sees and uses different perspectives, and has experience in other cultures.
  • Expertise in diversity-focused hiring practices from position announcements to recruiting and interviewing.
  • Understanding and effectiveness at growing and maintaining inclusion and a sense of belonging across organizations.
  • Demonstrated evidence of being able to adapt leadership style to current context and realities.

Financial Integrity

Experienced and competent financial manager with rock solid understanding of and practice of transparency. We seek a leader with:

  • A record of appropriately sharing of financial information with the staff, the Board, and the public.
  • The ability to clearly explain complex business situations to the staff, the Board, and the public.
  • Competency in business knowledge, with the ability to deal with complex financial environments and balancing multiple financial priorities.
  • Success in developing budgets and use of the budget to hold the organization accountable.

To Apply

Southern Oregon PBS is being assisted in this search by Livingston Associates.

As part of your application process, you are asked to also submit a resume, letter of introduction including your vision for the future of public media and how you will be the ideal person to lead SOPBS in achieving that vision. These documents should be uploaded when you apply.

Date for full consideration: January 9th, 2022

Inquiries are welcome with Livingston Associates at (410) 243-1974.

Please follow this link to apply.

Southern Oregon PBS is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and recognizes a talented and diverse workforce is a strategic and key competition advantage for our organizational success. SOPBS takes extra efforts to recruit and employ members of ethnic minority groups, women, veterans and disabled individuals for all open positions.

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Sunday, January 9, 2022
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Full time
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