Job Description:

NET, Nebraska's PBS and NPR Stations is looks for a Satellite Maintenance Engineer to perform installations, preventive maintenance, and repair on NET's and PBS's C-Band and Ku-Band fixed and temporary fixed (mobile) satellite equipment and systems (transmit and/or receive). This also includes work at the NET television and radio transmission sites. Assist in design and implementation of the computer controlled technical systems, procedures, report and record keeping for the NET-NMCS (Network Management Control System). Will be involved in the on-going implementation, maintenance, and operation of the NET-NMCS. Expected to work with NET Network Operations support groups, and assist the NET staff in performing their duties effectively and efficiently. Perform necessary installation, integration, and system modifications for NET remote transmitter sites to facilitate in the engineering and operation of each site, both NET Television and Radio. Will work with NET transmission department to assure integrity and reliability of terrestrial interconnection system and multicast signal. Provide documentation of NET transmitter site modifications. Work with PBS support groups, and the Chief Engineer-Network Operations assisting in whatever capacity is needed at the direction of PBS and Chief Engineer-Network Operations.


Job Location: 
Lincoln, NE
United States
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Job Type: 
Full time
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Visit for additional information and for job duties, requirements and to apply. Must complete State application. NET State Personnel, Special Accommodations under ADA call: (402) 471-2075. EEO/VET