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South Carolina ETV (SCETV) is the state's public educational broadcasting network. SCETV amplifies South Carolina voices, provides educational experiences and strengthens communities, while working to create a stronger, more connected and informed South Carolina. SCETV provides national and local content to classrooms via internet services and PBS Learning Media. SCETV also provides teacher training and re-certification in face-to-face and online settings.
Proficiently installs, maintains, monitors, and repairs portions of radio, television, and network equipment which utilize complex low, high, and very high frequency digital electronic technologies throughout the ETV Statewide system.

Setup and maintenance of complex radio production facilities which includes microphones, mixing consoles, audiotape recorders, audio routers, automation systems for broadcast, limiters, equalizers, etc. for studio and remote productions. Support Radio and Television production staff through system diagnosis, repair, and assisting in workflow design as needed.

Serve as technician in charge for studio, radio, remote and post production activities. Participate in the evaluation of equipment and design facilities. Review specifications of new equipment and design of facilities. Review specifications on new equipment, recommending new equipment purchases. Operate equipment. e.g., cameras, recorders, etc., during production.

Diagnose and correct malfunctioning complex electronic portions of computer-controlled analog /digital audio and or video routing, production switchers or edit systems, CPU controlled field or studio camera systems, audio/video storage of various formats, CPU and non-CPU controlled audio switchers. Repair digital tape recorders / players. Monitors and repairs satellite operations, with in bound and out bound signals.

Provide technical engineering assistance in radio for the planning, design and construction of production/routing/distribution facilities, operation of remote transmission sights, studios, radio and signal pathways throughout the state system to the Engineering Maintenance Manager, Technical Operations Manager and the Director of Engineering. Documents all information using AutoCAD, VidCAD, Excel, Word, and other programs.

Coordinate with IT Department to diagnose and correct network related problems in the broadcast environment. Maintain all broadcast related servers and keep up with hardware and software updates as well as routine maintenance. Provide technical engineering assistance in computing and networking methodologies and technologies. Advise, assist in appropriate maintenance and repairing techniques, troubleshooting, construction, and installation of all audio and visual equipment associated with broadcast media.

Minimum and Additional Requirements

An associate’s degree in a related area; or a high school diploma and experience in the operation, repair and maintenance of electronic audio, production broadcasting equipment.

Preferred Qualifications

An associate’s degree in a related area and 4 years experience in operation, maintenance, and repair of audio production and broadcast hardware and software.

Extensive knowledge of ATSC, AES, SMPTE, FCC, and SCETV/SC Public Radio broadcast standards of digital electronic technologies, including radio automation and playout systems such as ENCO DAD. Experience in the maintenance, repair, and design of broadcast and studio audio systems. Experience in the operation and maintenance of satellite, modern distribution and transmission systems. Extensive knowledge and skills in operating complex stereo Radio and surround sound television production facilities. Ability to troubleshoot and resolve software and hardware issues. Knowledge of fundamental computing and networking methodologies and technologies in a broadcast environment. Knowledge of local and wide area networking, firewalls, switches, wireless technology, and Internet protocols. Thoroughly skilled in: reading functional diagrams, schematics in applying logical troubleshooting techniques, and in replacing circuit board components. Ability to follow written and oral instructions. The above knowledge and skills can be obtained through on-the-job training, self-taught (training manuals and reference manuals), formal education, technical schools, and equipment manufacturer’s schools.

Additional Comments

Equal Opportunity Statement:  SCETV is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employing agency. We are committed to a diverse workforce. SCETV does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.  
Background Check:  A pre-employment background check will be conducted and employment will be contingent on passing the background check. Some positions require a pre-employment drug test. SCETV reserves the right to rescind any employment offer in the event our review of your background develops information, including opinions of previous employer or colleagues that cause us to conclude, at our sole discretion, that you are not suited for the position.
State Disaster Plan: In accordance with the State's Disaster Plan, which includes hazardous weather, SCETV employees may be required to work in times of an emergency or disaster.
College Transcripts: Applicants indicating college credit or degree(s) on the application are required to provide an official, certified copy of the transcript prior to hiring or within fifteen (15) days of hire. Failure to provide official transcripts may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
Driving Record: If this position requires the applicant to possess a valid driver's license to operate a state vehicle or personal vehicle, any applicant being considered in the final stages of selection for the position will be required to provide a certified copy of a 10-year driving record.
Supplemental Questions: Supplemental questions are considered part of your official application. Any misrepresentation will result in your disqualification from employment. Please complete the State application to include all current and previous work history and education. A resume will not be accepted nor reviewed to determine if an applicant has met the qualifications for the position.

Alternative Work Schedules: Alternative Work Schedules are available after one (1) year of employment.

Remote Work: The option to work partially remote is available after one (1) year of employment if you are new to state government.

Benefits for State Employees

The state of South Carolina offers eligible employees generous benefits, including health and dental insurance; retirement and savings plan options; and paid vacation and sick leave. Plus, work-life balance programs such as telecommuting and flexible work schedules are available to employees of some state agencies.

Insurance Benefits
Eligible employees may enroll in health insurance, which includes prescription coverage and wellness benefits. Other available insurance benefits include dental, vision, term life insurance, long term disability and flexible spending accounts for health and child care expenses.
Retirement Benefits
State employees are also offered retirement plan options, including defined benefit and defined contribution plans. Additionally, eligible employees may elect to participate in the South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program, which is a voluntary, supplemental retirement savings plan offering 401(k) and 457 plan options.
Workplace Benefits
State employees may also be eligible for other benefits, including tuition assistance; holiday, annual and sick leave; and discounts on purchases, travel and more.
Note: The benefits above are available to most state employees, with the exception of those in temporary positions. Employees in temporary grant and time-limited positions may be eligible for all, some or none of these benefits as benefits are associated with each position type. For these positions, contact the hiring agency to determine what benefits may be available.


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Columbia, SC
United States
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Thursday, February 15, 2024
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Full time
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You must apply on-line at Follow the status of your application on-line. Please complete the State employment application to include all current and previous work history and education. A resume will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application.


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