Job Description:

The incumbent will be tasked with producing (4) four podcasts, each of them approximately 30 minutes in duration. The podcast will be published weekly for approximately (4) four weeks. This position will require you to oversee the production of these podcasts, in addition to being the sound engineer. You will manage the recording studio, use equipment to edit the content, potentially confirm/secure guests for the podcast, while working with the executive producer and host to ensure the podcast is well structured and the finished product is high quality and compelling.

• Production of podcast - all aspects
• Sound engineer including recording, editing, and mixing.
• Booking guests for each show and making sure they are recorded properly.
• Provide sound and editorial judgment in the content creation to ensure the show continually improves.
• Ability to write pithy descriptions and blurb copy associated with the podcast.

This is a short-term (1099) employment opportunity with the potential to evolve into a multi month position.

Job Location: 
Newark, NJ
United States
Job Category: 
Friday, April 16, 2021
Job Type: 
Part time
Send Application Materials To: 

Jerrell Antley

WBGO Jazz Radio/NPR


Minimum Salary: 
Maximum Salary: 
(973) 991-7780