Job Description:

As part of an editorial team this position edits audio using ProTools, collaborates on interviews, review segments and other station and audience related services by completing the following essential functions:




  • Work on two to three segments weekly and manage concurrent work assignments.
  • Log interviews as they are recorded.
  • Meet with segment producer to plan interview edit; make initial cut, and continue to collaborate with segment producer on subsequent edits of the interview.
  • Select clips and write copy for program billboard as assigned
  • Prepare background interview research for host
  • Prepare incues, fact check, and edit copy as needed.
  • Edit and record host copy for local station promos
  • Download music, film and TV clips as needed.  Prepare film clips for interviews.
  • Provide general production and editorial support.
  • Maintain a regular and predictable attendance.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.




  • Fill in as producer of Fresh Air Weekend as assigned
  • Research issues as assigned.
  • Assist in the editing, tracking and assembly of Fundraising packages


Education: Undergraduate college degree is required. An active interest and familiarity with a wide range of news, arts and entertainment topics are essential. Good internet search skills for research and fact tracking are required. Familiarity with a wide variety of online resources is required.


Experience: A minimum of two years’ experience on a national show or independent podcast is necessary. Previous work in any print, film or journalism related field as well as spoken word and audio production in a broadcast environment; experience in radio interview logging and editing; experience with challenging editorial choices; previous work which demands an emphasis on balance and accuracy. Must know how to conduct research for print or broadcast.




Experience: Public radio experience is a plus. Excellent typing and online research skills are essential. Excellent audio production skills are essential. Facility with social media and internet searches a plus.


Technical Skills: Excellent audio production skills are essential. Advanced experience with ProTools production is a plus. Maintains current understanding of technical processes/equipment, uses technology to increase performance/productivity. 

Job Location: 
Philadelphia, PA
United States
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Job Type: 
Full time
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