Job Description:


Summary: This reporter covers what students are taught in K-12 schools, focusing on community engagement and reporting to improve the level of conversation around such issues, and on the impact on teachers, students and communities. Importantly, reporting and engagement efforts on this beat would aim to use ‘good conflict reporting’ and other techniques to get beyond volatile language and polarizing positions, try to get to the root of what people are really trying to accomplish, and offer solutions reporting as a contribution to problem-solving. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Community engagement is a foundation of this beat. Although this reporter would cover some school board meetings, this is not an ‘educational institution’ or ‘public official’ beat. This reporter would build in events ranging from larger community events (like News & Brews) to smaller ‘meet-ups’ with community members to gain deeper understanding of issues.
  • Report on topics that work to improve dialogue around issues outside of contentious meetings, giving us the opportunity to amplify sometimes-unheard voices and focus on solutions and problem-solving instead of heated conflict.
  • Key goals for this reporter will be to find and tell stories that explore how an ongoing community issue affects people and families in that community; and to elevate the voices of students, who are often spoken for in matters that directly affect them. 
  • Focus on key topics such as school funding disparities and how they affect students, teachers and communities across our region. 
  • Create multimedia journalism with a strong emphasis on video and digital.
  • Actively engage with the community at events and on social media platforms.
  • Post content to and provide web content for member stations.
  • Take part in on-air pledge drives
  • Other duties as assigned


Experience: Five years of journalism and on-air broadcasting experience. Must have experience creating stories both for radio, and the web; experience taking high quality photographs to accompany stories is a plus; experience hosting a podcast or public affairs show a plus.

Software/ Technical Skills: This position requires knowledge of writing, broadcasting, editing, voice work and production, and a familiarity with recording equipment. Must be able to capture, upload, and edit high-quality photographs and video to accompany web stories. Must have knowledge of audio editing software.

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Harrisburg, PA
United States
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Full time
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