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Executive Producer Television Programs

West Virginia Public Broadcasting (WVPB) is seeking qualified applicants for a full-time Executive Producer of Television Programs. Job Description and details can be found below.

Please send cover letter, resume and references via the email or to the addresses below:

Kristina Dodd
600 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301

Applicant subject line must read as follows:
Executive Producer Television Programs

Position is open until filled.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


The purpose of hiring dedicated Executive Producers to assigned Television Programs is to create showrunners who can oversee the production of regularly aired programming, such as weekly news shows, monthly documentary anthologies, or generally assigned routine broadcast and streamed events.

The Executive Producer will allow for a clear path of professionalism when organizing these programs and supervising their production to ensure they are on time, of proper quality, and fulfill the vision of the content’s purpose.  

The Executive Producer will coordinate with outside agencies and individuals to set up shoots, acquire additional needed digital materials, create schedules, shot lists, call sheets, and timelines for these productions and oversee the transfer of required deliverables. They will work internally with video producers, the Director of Video Production, and other departments as needed, to assemble crews required for a shoot. The Executive Producer will also oversee the creation or required scripts for productions requiring original or news content.

The use of an Executive Producer will allow greater functionality to the team and allow WVPB to use its resources and finances more effectively, allowing WVPB to create greater volume and quality with its existing resources.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is looking for an Executive Producer to work from our main station out of Charleston, WV. The selected candidate will initially be assigned as a showrunner for a regular in-house produced program and be responsible for the production of multiple episodes a year. Each episode is generally 26 minutes 46 seconds long or 56 minutes 46 seconds long.

Responsibilities Include:

Coordinate and conduct (when needed) theme specific guests for interviews.

Coordinate with news department and production department to create the video packages necessary to complete each episode and schedule studio time and staff to record any required studio/set segments.

Assist in the writing and editing of episodes either first hand or in a supervisory role. In addition to the creation of graphics, acquisition of b-roll, and still imagery. Executive Producer will need to have proficiency with the necessary graphics and video editing software.

If needed, the Executive Producer will conduct interviews for on-air broadcasts.

During the Legislative Session the Executive Producer will perform these same functions for The Legislature Today.

In the advent that the program ceases to be produced, a new program series will be created to be produced in its place.

The Executive Producer position will assist the Video Production Department in other operations as needed including Mountain Stage, Lottery, non-standard productions, and special events. But not in a capacity to interfere with their primary duties.

The Executive Producer will participate in underwriting, sponsorship, and grant research/requests for a variety of programs, not limited to their own assigned tasks.

Skills Required:

Understanding of news, news writing, storytelling, and news editing. To include usage of teleprompter, rundown creator, Photoshop, premiere pro, and similar programs.

Experience with site surveys, shooting scripts, production planning, and production budgeting.

Strong and clear communication and organizational skills.

Basic competency in video camera operations and still photography to include lighting and audio for basic interviews.

The ability to learn and understand basic studio operations, to include Xpression.

Team player.

This position works primarily out of Charleston, WV. Travel may be required. Valid drivers license is required to operate state vehicles.

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Charleston, WV
United States
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Full time
Send Application Materials To: 

Kristina Dodd
600 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301

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