Job Description:

Deadline for applications is July 1, 2019

Position Type: Full-time Exempt

Pay Range: Salary in commensurate with experience

Benefits: Health Insurance, paid leave

Deadline for applications: July 1, 2019

Job Description

Big River Public Broadcasting Incorporated (KIYU) is seeking a General Manager. KIYU is a community-supported public radio station in Galena, Alaska, primarily serving the western Interior of Alaska, including Galena, Ruby, Koyukuk, Nulato, Kaltag, & Huslia.  There are also FM transmitters repeating KIYU in the villages of Allakaket, Hughes, Circle, Tanana, Nenana and St. Mary’s.  

With a core purpose of connecting communities through radio, KIYU was founded in 1986 and provides locally-produced and syndicated programming.  The station is an affiliate of National Public Radio and the Alaska Public Radio Network.  The General Manager is the chief executive at the station, reporting to a Board of Directors and supervising a small staff and a cadre of volunteers.   

Specific Duties

The specific duties of the position include the following.

Financial management.  The GM is responsible for budgeting and budget tracking, oversight of bookkeeping  and audits,  maintenance of records,  grant tracking and reporting, and financial reporting to the Board of Directors and granting agencies.

Personnel management.  The GM is responsible for guiding the work of full-time and part-time employees, staff hiring, staff training, evaluations, benefits development, and implementing established KIYU personnel policies.  

Fundraising.  The GM is responsible for assuring sufficient funds are available for station operations through grant writing and reporting, maintaining relationships with granting agencies and organizations, seeking and maintaining sponsorships from local and regional businesses, and fundraising events.

Operations.   The GM has overall responsibility for station programming, local program production, and compliance with FCC regulations.  The GM is responsible for assuring maintenance and operability of broadcasting equipment, and the maintenance and improvement of the station’s facilities, which include a studio/office building and AM transmitter site (not currently in use).  Operational needs require the GM to develop, implement and oversee various service contracts.  The GM has principal responsibility for the station’s IT infrastructure and maintaining and developing the station’s website and online presence.  The GM is responsible for keeping KIYU up to date with changes and trends in technology, media, and public broadcasting. 

Community Outreach. The GM represents the station to the local community and is responsible for assuring KIYU is responsive to local community needs and concerns.  The GM guides station outreach to members, listeners, and the community at large. The GM proactively interacts with local businesses, organizations, schools, and government agencies and institutions to articulate KIYU mission, policies, and strategic direction, and to build collaborative relationships with these entities.

KIYU Board of Directors. In addition to preparing regular financial and station activity reports for the  KIYU Board of Directors, the GM prepares information necessary for informed policy decisions by the  board, advises the board on policy decisions, and implements the board’s approved policies and strategic plan.

Agency and Other Networking.  The GM serves as the primary communication link to other agencies and organizations involved in public broadcasting, represent  KIYU’s interests to those agencies and  organizations, and seeks opportunities for collaboration or sharing of resources.


General Manager Candidates must have the following skills and experience:

•Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a wide variety of people and interests, incorporate many interests and opinions into decision-making, and devise successful collaborations;

•Demonstrated ability to effectively manage personnel;

•Experience/ability to understand and manage a budget and nonprofit accounting, including relevant software;

•General technical skills applicable to working with radio technology and an ability to readily learn and adapt to new systems and technologies;

•Strong writing, speaking and public presentation skills capable of representing KIYU successfully to the community, grantors, regulatory agencies, and other collaborators.

Other desirable knowledge, skills, and experience include:

•Public broadcasting (preferred) or commercial broadcasting, including knowledge of FCC regulations;

•Non–profit management;

•Fundraising, including grant writing, donor/member program management, and/or event coordination;

•Audio editing and production skills;

•Radio engineering;

•Familiarity with Quick Books software and network management;

•Utilization of new media technology for program development  and /or organizational communication and development;

•Facility management (oversight of building maintenance, utilities, contract management);

•Prior experience living and working in a remote, rural setting.


How to Apply:

Submit a cover letter, resume, and references to

KIYU Board of Directors
c/o Board Chairperson Russ Sweetsir
P.O. Box 165
Galena, Alaska   99741

Or submit cover letter and resume electronically to Board Member Shanda Huntington at:

Specific questions about the position can be directed to Russ Sweetsir (907-656-1245) or Susie Sam (907-656-1711).

KIYU us an equal opportunity employer.

Job Location: 
Galena, AK
United States
Job Category: 
Monday, July 1, 2019
Job Type: 
Full time
Send Application Materials To: 

How to Apply:

Submit a cover letter, resume, and references to                                      

                KIYU Board of Directors,                                                      

                c/o Board Chairperson Russ Sweetsir                                      

                P.O. Box 165                                                                                                                                      

                Galena, Alaska 99741

Or submit electronically to


Questions about the position should be directed to one of the following:

 Russ Sweetsir                      (907) 656-1245

 Susie Sam                            (907) 656-1711

(907) 656-1488