Job Description:

Sets the vision, strategy, and goals for multi-platform content development and distribution in alignment with MPBS's mission to use the power of media to educate, entertain and inspire.

A key partner in strengthening the organization's relevance and long-term sustainability. Responsible for developing a robust pipeline of content and scheduling strategy to expand market reach. Oversees content creation in TV and digital departments, managing a high-caliber, diverse and innovative team. Leads the content distribution strategy for multiple platforms.

Inspires design, integrity and success of content, overall editorial leadership, planning, presentation and supervision.

The "quality control" officer for daily content production delegates direct management of such; CCO's eye will be toward how the daily work rolls up to the larger, longer-term strategic picture.

Grows the media enterprise (e.g. content offerings, audience consumption and loyalty and impact) in alignment with MPBS Strategic Business Plan, and being opportunistic to the surrounding industry climate.

Will lead a talented and newly integrated team including multi-media producers, education and community engagement professionals, and digital and social media experts, and have overall responsibility for original video production, educational services, community engagement and MPBS online and digital presence.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Oversees recruitment, management and direction of local staff. Responsible for over-arching staff skill development, motivating high performance and team building.
  2. Directs the utilization of national/regional/local partner content resources. Provides leadership and participates in the continual refinement of MPBS strategic objectives. 
  3. Lead for maintaining editorial integrity and appropriate "firewalls" against interference with and/or compromise of the content-making units.
  4. Provides intra- and inter-departmental coordination of MPBS journalism (digital and broadcast, magazine and talk shows, special projects, etc.) as well as creative and curated media products. 
  5. Serves as the primary point of contact from Programming for cross-divisional teams (Marketing, Development, Corporate Sponsorship, Research, Finance, etc.) to effectively build capacity/build audience, generate revenue and enhance outreach and impact of MPBS.
  6. Design and execute strategies for expanding content offerings on both existing and emerging platforms, with an aim of attracting new audiences and deepening engagement with existing audiences
  7. Deploy staff accordingly to meet audience needs across all platforms. Identify staff skills that need to be developed or acquired in order to execute on content strategies. Adjust staff complement and assignments to align with strategic goals
  8. Design standards and procedures to acquire, coach, evaluate and hold accountable high quality content-making and content delivery talent. Be able to define, instruct and model excellence in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Be inspirational to the staff in fulfillment of MPBS's vision and service mission.
  9. Plan, prepare and monitor content production budgets.
  10. Keep an eye on "the big picture"; be capable of making difficult changes at every level of content making with transparency and input--but independent of special and/or overly narrow stakeholder interests
  11. Maintain close connection and interaction with the Research Dept. to allow for the best application of data findings to continually improve content effectiveness and staff performance. Likewise with Marketing Dept. to align both internal and external marketing and promotion with editorial priorities toward the goal of audience development, growth of service and delivering value to Milwaukee PBS consumers.
  12. Stay ahead of trends in content-making, technology, distribution
  13. Provide operational support, creative assistance and personal participation to grow revenue including grant writing and high-level solicitation. Provides input (direct and/or delegated) for on-air fundraising as "special programming".
  14. Assist in oversight for rules compliance with FCC, CPB, etc.
  15. Other duties as assigned

Required Education:

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience. 

Preferred Education:

  • Master's Degree

Required Experience:

  • 10+ years of successful and increasing levels of relevant work experience.
  • 8+ years of experience at supervisor/management levels.
  • Broad background in news or a related public service arena.
  • Significant media leadership experience, ideally in the top 20 media markets in the U.S.

Preferred Experience:

  • Demonstrated understanding of programming principles, audience research, operational methods, FCC rules, and the opportunities and challenges of issues facing a disrupted and dis-intermediated media environment, particularly for public broadcasting.
  • Past track record of diversifying a content-making team toward greater inclusion representation of the community served.
  • Have an understanding of the history and mission of public broadcasting, be attuned to its current defining differences; have the ability to work productively in the context of a "hybrid" university/community public broadcasting licensee.

Speciality Skills

  • Is a big picture person;
  • Has a learning orientation, including demonstrated methods for gathering, assimilating and making meaning out of information about the changing media, technology and demographic landscape;
  • Balances vision with doing
  • Is able to enroll others in working together to execute vision;
  • Is well informed / capable of media & audience data analysis with ability to deploy the knowledge gained to achieve improvement goals. 

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

  • Possess deep knowledge of and experience in journalism development and implementation in a modern media environment, (and ability to provide general oversight of music and special content services); possess knowledge of how to effectively present content to current Core audience and emerging new audience, on-air, online and on-demand, and:
  • Deep knowledge of and commitment to the tenets, ethics and "commandments" of journalism – the role of journalism in society, including as having organizational courage and serving as a watchdog of the civic sphere;
  • Lead content making that has meaning, purpose and toughness, while moving forward in new, fresh and relevant ways;
  • Demonstrate ideas and ability to diversify audience appeal, including ethnic, age and education level;
  • Excited about and already engaged in creating the future of journalism on all platforms - possess knowledge of interactive media, publishing and other electronic information and emerging communication technologies;
  • Understand and committed to community engagement - model/lead an "outside/in" approach to MPBS content making, integrating community input into MPBS's editorial strategy;
  • Have knowledge of regulatory governance and rights management regulations in the electronic media industry.
  • Be the "drill sergeant" on journalism basics.

Physical Demands: 

  • Ability to lift, carry, push and pull up to 30lbs.
  • Ability to stoop, kneel, crouch, reach, hear and speak.
  • Sitting/Standing/Walking: 65% of time spent sitting, 30 % of time standing, and 5% of time walking.



Job Location: 
Milwaukee, WI
United States
Job Category: 
Friday, July 26, 2019
Job Type: 
Full time
Hours Per Week: 
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