Job Description:

Duties: Oversees the day-to-day operation of the U:SA and stewards its growth, to include:


  • Governance and Board Relations:  Creates vision for the future in conjunction with the Board; works in partnership to maintain a pro-active approach to problem-solving; communicates regularly and effectively with the Board; organizes meetings and identifies issues; recruits and develops potential members; and ensures compliance with by-laws.             
  • Administration:  Provides leadership, initiates strategic planning process, oversees budget process, statements, and accounting and billing systems; files reports to maintain 501 (c ) 3 status with state of incorporation, IRS; and ensures compliance with all state and federal regulations.
  • National Representation:  Communicates regularly with affiliates, national organizations and potential partners within public broadcasting and higher education.
  • Marketing and Positioning: Responsible for creating and maintaining a high level of awareness and positively positions the U:SA; oversees the web site; writes or solicits articles, stages events and meetings; and represents the U:SA at regional and national meetings.
  • Development:  Recommends the annual budget and financial strategy; generates support from stations fees and funding prospects, including granting agencies and donors.
  • Tools and Resources: Provides a “virtual resource” (online and telephone) for the public media system.  Maintain, review, and update U:SA tools and resource materials through the e-newsletter, listserv, website, Facebook, and other online resources to increase ease of information retrieval.
  • Management resource: Helps to insure continuity as system management turnover occurs. Be a training resource for regional and national conferences and meetings, plus offer management training webinars.
  • Survey stations: Address issues and needs through publications and ongoing communications with U:SA affiliates.
  • Consult: Assess and provide on-site training to U:SA stations.

Qualifications:  Minimum of 8 years experience within the public media industry in a management position, to include work at institution-licensed stations, as well as at the national level, or possess a high degree of hands-on acquaintance with and knowledge of both; belief in the goals of public media, respect for higher education and sensitivity to institutional needs;  strong management, organizational, interpersonal and written skills; penchant for functioning as a member of a team and partner with the Board; demonstrated experience & success with fundraising; nurture and increase affiliation; and the ability to build consensus and trust.

Compensation: This is a half-time position (20 hours per week). Base compensation is $40K a year. Additional potential compensation is based on two factors:  1) Any mutually-agreed increase in weekly working hours and 2) any mutually-agreed achievement of revenue targets associated with affiliate activities and with successful fundraising, project, and grant acquisition activities. The Board wishes to grow the organization and will provide financial incentives to reward successful efforts to achieve such growth. 

U:SA believes in affirmative action and seeks diverse applicants

Job Location: 
Stillwater, OK
United States
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Thursday, February 28, 2019
Job Type: 
Part time
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Contact: You may express interest in this dynamic opportunity by contacting Craig Beeby U:SA Executive Director (405) 624-1192, or U:SA President John Hess  (520) 621-3163.

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(405) 624-1192