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#00003543- Digital Crusader

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PAE3PR Exempt, full-time (40 hr work week)


IU-Radio and Television Services / WTIU / WFIU


Bloomington, IN





Job Summary

Digital Crusader – The Digital Crusader is responsible for creating, cultivating, sustaining, populating, and championing the “Digital-first” (web/mobile) outlet of public broadcast stations WTIU and WFIU, with applicable digital content (video, audio, photo, text). Applicable Digital (web-first) content is that typically not broadcast; yet very much of interest, value, and impact to the viewers, listeners, and clickers of the WTIU/WFIU public broadcast stations. The Digital Crusader will both create and recruit appealing web content for WFIU/WTIU websites and social media.


Specific duties include:

Deepens WTIU/WFIU Digital-first (web) content. Acts as creator, steward, miner, hunter, aggregator, and crusader of existing applicable content produced (and owned) by non-WTIU/WFIU/IU-Radio/Television Services producers, for re-purposing onto the WTIU/WFIU Digital (web) outlet(s). Uncovers existing applicable content via any/all of: computer web search, internal WFIU/WTIU mining, establishing direct relationships with content producers, magazines, news, newspapers, word of mouth, subscriptions, receiving pitches/proposals, instituting RFP processes, and/or in limited circumstances – creating directly locally.


Acts as Digital-first (web) outlet infrastructure owner, coordinator, and copywriter; utilizes applicable software (ie. Word Press or other) infrastructure backbone.


Produces, edits, and coordinates Digital-first (web) content promotions via directly creating and managing a constant fresh inventory of short promotional video/audio/graphics/text spots (typically :30 seconds in length) about the Digital-first (web) WTIU/WFIU outlet, intended for broadcast/web/social media via any of: WFIU Traffic, WTIU Traffic, WFIU/WTIU social media, WFIU/WTIU websites. Educates legacy and new WTIU/WFIU followers and public at large; grows awareness of the stations Digital-first (web-only) content by creating usable, timely, promotional spots.


Recruits and manages a small “team” of University student and/or volunteer Digital-first Team “Production Assistants”, to aid in execution of all of above.

Note: This is a full-time, exempt, professional staff position, eligible for all full-time IU staff benefits, including generous paid-time-off, health care, and retirement plans. Go to for a full summary of benefits offered.


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Required Qualifications

REQUIRED: Bachelor’s degree in a related area of study, such as Media, Journalism, Telecommunications, Theatre, Liberal Arts, or English and two years of experience working in a related digital content business area, such as broadcast, website, social media, marketing, or advertising.

Possess a valid driver’s license and ability to be insured by Indiana University.

Knowledge of Indiana and national pop culture, classical music, arts, news, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), children’s issues, parenting; web and social media platforms; video, audio, photography, copy-writing.

Some combination of skills in video production, audio production, photography, copywriting, websites, web infrastructure, blogging, social media.

Some combination of these abilities:

 Daring, creative, aggressive, curious, intelligent, self-challenged, motivated, organized, cheerful, Indiana-pride, public broadcasting champion, modern, tech literate, and bold

Audio and/or video editing and file creation/management via industry standard platforms (Avid Media composer, Vantage, etc).

Manage and populate Digital (web-only) content via industry standard web platforms (WordPress, etc).

Manage a consistent, constant, high amount of Digital (web) content output weekly; including foresight to plan ahead and ensure consistent updating and fresh content at all times.

Preferred Qualifications


Working Conditions / Physical Demands

Ability to sit at a computer/desk environment for long periods of time. Ability to work a computer for long periods of time. Ability to manage occasional video/audio production sessions on location, including lifting and transport of heavy equipment (cases) up to 40 lbs.

Department Information

Indiana University-Radio/Television Services, WTIU Public Television, and WFIU Public Radio serve south-central Indiana, producing a wide range of radio, television programs for local, state, and national distribution, as well as many non-broadcast productions for the university and community. Go to  for more information.

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Bloomington, IN
United States
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Friday, December 29, 2017
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Full time
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