How to Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse and How to Contact the Office of the Inspector General

The OIG hotline is available to CPB employees, CPB grantees and their employees, CPB contractors and their employees, and members of the public who wish to report allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement within the initiatives and operations of CPB. Complaints may involve issues at CPB or at stations and other entities that receive funds from CPB. If requested, OIG will protect the identity of those who file complaints unless disclosure is unavoidable. OIG acknowledges receipt of all incoming complaints, unless they are submitted anonymously.

OIG will review all incoming allegations and take appropriate action. OIG may decide to initiate an audit, evaluation, or investigation, or make a referral to CPB or to an outside entity.

Note:  if your complaint concerns the programming, content, or bias of a public media broadcast, please direct your complaint to the CPB Ombudsman who is responsible to review such complaints.

You can register a complaint with the CPB OIG in any of the following ways:

202-879-9728 Local
800-599-2170 Toll-free
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Office of Inspector General
401 Ninth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004-2129

The telephone hotline is operational 24 hours per day. Messages are checked during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.

Online Contact Form

OIG reviews complaints about CPB initiatives and operations, which include grants made to public television and radio stations and some producers of television and radio programming.  Please note: Neither CPB nor OIG reviews complaints or concerns about programming, content, or bias; those should be sent to the CPB Ombudsman.

If you have information about potential fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement at CPB or at one of CPB’s contractors or grantees, such as public broadcasting stations, please submit your information on this form. OIG will acknowledge receipt of your information promptly and will contact you if additional information or detail is needed.  If requested, OIG will protect the identity of those who file complaints unless the Inspector General determines that disclosure of a complainant’s identity is unavoidable.



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